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Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom Hard Times HD

Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny bramblesis a little kingdom of elves and fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very small. I'm Ben Elf! And I'm Princess Holly! Come on! Let's play! Wait for us! Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Today's adventure starts at the little castle. Hard Times

Food delivery! Oh, hello Mr Elf! Lovely day. It certainly is! Hi, Holly! Hi Ben! Come up! Mr Elf is kind, delivering our food.Yes. Where would we be without elvesé No idea, Your Majesty. Cheerio, Mr Elf! Um, er. Is there something elseé

No! Well.yes. I was just wondering if youcould pay us today! Pay youé Yes. You haven't paid us any money for ages! Oh, right! How much do we owe youé Four hundred and ninetytwo gold coins. Gosh! That's a lot! Don't worry, Ben! We'll just get some money,won't we, Nannyé Money doesn't grow on trees, Holly. Noé

No! It grows in the magic money chest! Oh! There's only one coin in it! One coin is all we need!I throw it into the magic money chest. Haha! It sounds like popcorn! Don't lift the lid up until it stops! It's full of gold coins! Wow! Can I have a goé Alright. I'll just empty the chest.Now, Ben. Throw the coin in But I haven't got a coin. You made them alldisappear!

Oh! Without a coin, we can't make money! I've got a button! Perhaps that will work. It's doing its popcorn thing. Oh. It's full of buttons. Nanny, can you buy things with buttonsé Mr Elfé Would it be ok to pay you in buttonsé No. The magic money chest. brokené

Yes, Your Majesty. For some reason, it's just making buttons! And we need to pay Mr Elf! Don't worry, Holly. I'll sort this out. Ah, this is embarrassing. But the thing is,we're a bit short of money today. No reason to be embarrassed, your majesty.No reason at all. Sorry and all that. No, no, please don't give it another thought. Good.

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