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Bacterial Infection During Pregnancy Causes And Symptoms

Pregnancy And Kidney Infection Tract Urinary Infections Pregnancy and Kidney Infection Symptoms

Is There a Link Between Pregnancy and KidneyInfectioné There is a strong link between pregnancy andkidney infection: it is the most common serious complication suffered by pregnant women. Though a small percentage of women will experiencepregnancy and kidney infection, all women are monitored for the bacterium that causesthe infection until the birth of the child. If the bacteria are found in a urine test,most s require immediate medical attention in order to protect the safety of the childand mother. Kidney infections are caused by bacteria whichmove from the bladder to the kidneys via the

ureters — the tubes which connect the bladderto the kidneys. They increase the risk of preterm labor; ababy who has a low birth weight; and the death of the fetus, newborn, or even the mother. The link between pregnancy and kidney infectionis significant because women are more susceptible to kidney infections while they are pregnantbecause there is a spike in levels of progesterone which lessens the muscular strength of theureters. This causes the urine to pass more slowlythrough the ureter tubes, giving harmful bacteria more time to grow and increasing the possibilitythey will travel to the kidneys.

A kidney infection comes from bacteria inthe urinary tract. These bacteria, called asymptomatic bacteriuria,are normally not a problem, but they can cause serious issues for pregnant women. About 2–7% of women will have the bacteriain their urine. There is a 40% chance of contracting kidneydisease among pregnant women who are discovered to have the bacteria. If the bacteria are found in a urine testduring pregnancy, s often advise immediate treatment in order to increase the odds ofavoiding kidney infection.

The symptoms of a kidney infection includevomiting, nausea, high fever, and pain felt primarily under the ribs in the lower backand sides. A woman may also experience pain in the abdomenand notice pus or blood in the urine. Pregnant women who have these symptoms shouldseek medical care immediately. Pregnant women with kidney infections areusually ized as soon as possible so that they and the baby can be carefully monitored. They are given antibiotics and intravenousfluid, and measures are taken to reduce the fever that typically accompanies an infection.

Depending on response to treatment, a womancan be released within a day or several days after admission to complete the remainderof her antibiotic treatment with pills. Women who experience pregnancy and kidneyinfection are typically required to remain under continued regular observation and onantibiotic treatment until the birth of the child. Visit The Website. .

Why is My Urine Cloudy During Pregnancy

Why is my urine cloudy during pregnancyé It could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.That's pretty common during pregnancy. I've never had one before. Your body is making more urine because yourkidneys are doing the work for two, and you may not be voiding it all because of the baby'sposition on the bladder. What else could it beé It could be a sign of a sexually transmitteddisease. Life is a sexually transmitted disease.

Unless you stopped by a sperm bank to getpregnant, you could have gotten the STD the same time you got pregnant. And urine canchange colors if based on the foods you've eaten. I know I'll see my newborn's poop changecolors, but didn't know my urine might. That'll clear up after a day or two, andit clears up faster if you drink a lot of water. And what you think is cloudy urinecould actually be vaginal secretions. I was on the toilet to pee. During pregnancy, your vagina is leaking alot of fluids. And that will mix with the

urine when you pee, making the urine lookcloudy. So it is a problem down there, just a differenthole. If the secretions have a fishy odor, you couldhave a bacterial infection in the vagina. I heard it could be a sign of diabetes. You should get screened for prenatal diabetesanyway, but yeah, it could be a sign of that. Diabetes will also make you thirstier andpee more. So does pregnancy. The most likely cause is dehydration.

So drink a lot and hope it goes away, andcall a if it doesn't. Sounds like a game plan. Just make sure it is juice or flavored waters,not a beer or coffee.

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