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Bacterial Infection Eyelid

Why is my eyelid swollen

Most people will have to deal with eyelidswelling at some point in their lifetime. The most common causes of eyelid swellingare allergies, conjunctivitis, contact lenses and styeschalazions. These are typicallyeasy to treat and can be differentiated by your local of optometry. Allergies,conjunctivitis and contact lenses cause eyelid swelling due to inflammation, where the bodyis trying to remove the irritant from the body. StyesChalazion are caused by a blockageof the oil glands in the lids secondary to a bacterial infection. Other less common causesof lid swelling are Graves ' disease, Orbital cellulitis and Herpes Simplex. Since theseconditions can be potentially sight threatening

it is essential to see your of Optometryfor a thorough examination. Graves ' disease is a problem with an over active thyroid glandand lid swelling is a common symptom. Orbital cellulitis is a serious bacterial infectionthat requires immediate treatment with IV antibiotics. Herpes Simplex will cause painfulsores on both the eyelid and cornea and can mimic a simple conjunctivitis and should bedifferentiated. Since eyelid swelling can have a variety of causes it is important tohave a differential diagnosis made by your local of optometry.

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