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Bacterial Infection High Blood Pressure

Short HELP Talk Tips on High Blood Pressure

Hello friends Let us understand What is high blood pressure hypertension In a very lay man's matter High blood pressure means the blood is pumping more With some negative aspects connected to it Person may feeling giddy, person may have a headache and many such kind of weird symptoms Generally all this can also happen after your suddenly gone through some viral attack

Viral fever, dengue or malaria or some bacterial infection or some kind of infection, throat infection What happens in that is because of infection the s have no choice but to administer Anotibiotics on to you Now when you are taking antibiotics what happens is sometimes there are sideffects in antibiotics Kidney is get affected, the liver becomes week, the liver lining gets spoiled Always remember whenever you are taking antibiotics take vitamins pills with it Take Beco zinc, Becosules Just dont take antibiotics, most of the s dont know why they just forget about

Writing the vitamin pills after it I feel that is not right that is incorrect, whatever it is there story So remember atleast from here you can understand if you are going to take a antibiotics Beco zinc capsule or a Becosule capasule or some vitamin tablets with it these are going to save your liver lining Now coming back to the point the kidneys also get affected if you are on a long term antibiotics That is the worst thing that can happen to you You have probably gone for a pacsscan or you have gone for an angio, so there are dies injected to you This will see to it that your kidneys dont function properly

and that can be the reason of your getting hypertension and blood pressure suddenly in your life for no reason Now how to get out of it 2,3, things you have to do and within 2,3 months you will get out of this, dont start with the medication for hypertension You may take it for a week or so if there is some emergency conditions, go to the and take for a week or so Don't carry it long other wise you will not be able to out of it It is very difficult, i have brought people out of it What you have to do is take 2 table spoons of quot;Dhaniya ka danaquot;, quot;Coriander seedsquot; Add it to 600ml of water boil it and bring that water to 300ml

Filter it and drink it hot Do this 3 times a day once after your breakfast, once after your lunch and once after you dinner Extremely good, good for you liver and good for your kidney, Simple tip Thank you.

How blood pressure works Wilfred Manzano

If you lined up all the blood vessels in your body, they'd be 95,000 kilometers long and everyday, they carry the equivalentof over 7,500 liters of blood, though that's actually the same fouror five liters recycled over and over, delivering oxygen, and precious nutrients like glucose and amino acidsto the body's tissues. All that blood exerts a force onthe muscular walls of the blood vessels. That force is called blood pressure,

and it rises and fallswith the phases of the heartbeat. It's highest during systole, when the heart contracts to forceblood through the arteries. This is your systolic blood pressure. When the heart is at rest between beats, blood pressure falls to its lowest value,the diastolic pressure. A typical healthy individual producesa systolic pressure between 90 and 120 millimeters of mercury,

and diastolic pressure between 60 and 80. Taken together, a normal reading is a bitless than 120 over 80. The blood traverses the landscape of the body through the pipes of the circulatory system. In any plumbing system, several things can increase the forceon the walls of the pipes: the properties of the fluid, extra fluid,

or narrower pipes. So if the blood thickens, a higher pressure is needed to push it,so the heart will pump harder. A highsalt diet will lead to a similar result. The salt promotes water retention, and the extra fluid increases the bloodvolume and blood pressure, and stress, like the fight or flight response, releases hormones, like epinephrineand norepinephrine

that constrict key vessels, increasing the resistance to flowand raising the pressure upstream. Blood vessels can usually handlethese fluctuations easily. Elastic fibers embedded in their wallsmake them resilient, but if your blood pressure regularly rises above about 140 over 90, what we call hypertension, and stays there, it can cause serious problems. That's because the extra strainon the arterial wall

can produce small tears. When the injured tissue swells up, substances that respond to the inflammation, like white blood cells,collect around the tears. Fat and cholesterol floating in the blood latch on, too, eventually building up to form a plaque that stiffens and thickensthe inner arterial wall. This condition is calledatherosclerosis,

Diets That Cure Kidney Disease

The kidneys are two organs located oneither side of your spine In the middle of your back just above the waist They perform several lifesustaining roles They cleanse your blood by removing waste and excess fluid Maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your blood and help regulate blood pressure When the kidneys become damaged wasteproducts and fluid can build up in the body Causing swelling in your ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep and shortness of breath If left untreated diseased kidneys may eventually stop functioning completely

Loss of kidney function is a serious and potentially fatal condition Thankfully mother nature has some answers of her own She's been busy the last few hundred million years Formulating specific plants to provide the same benefits as drugs The only difference being that there are virtually no side effects That's not to say you can take any at random, no that is definitely not the case In fact you have to be just as careful prescribing natural remedies during kidney disease As you do drugs, the only difference is that when you select the appropriate

Plant the side effects are always lessthan the pharmaceutical drugs counterpart Natural cures for kidney disease Here are some of the best herbs to reducerenal edema and improve urination CucumberCucumber is a natural kidney cleanser Eating raw cucumber cleanses kidneys of acids and toxins Drinking cucumber juice alone or adding cucumber juice to carrot juice Is a great home remedy for kidney problems Celery seed

Celery seed is a fantastic remedy, one of the best But those categorized with stage three to five kidney disease need to avoid it It may be consumed freely as part of your diet but not as a concentrated supplement The plant is also fantastic at treating gout, rheumatism and urinary tract infections Green tea Green tea has been used as a diuretic in China for centuries and is very safe Green tea is also beneficial for atherosclerosis Prevention of cancer, high cholesterol and infections

Gravel root Gravel root is a gentle herb used to eliminate excess fluid Also beneficial for rheumatic conditions, prostatitis Urinary tract infections and of course kidney stones Hence the name gravel root Juniper This herb is excellent for eliminating fluid retention But like celery seed it needs to be avoided in cases where stage 3 to 5 kidney disease is present

Also beneficial for rheumatism, digestion and cystitis Butcher's broom This herb is a great choice in those whose main contributing factor for fluid retention Is poor circulation which is common in renal failure There are many natural therapies available Combined with appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes You can both reverse kidney damage andprotect from further damage to your kidneys in the future Get an effective stepbystep program proven to start healing your kidneys today

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