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Bacterial Infection Kittens

Cat Kitten Care Gum Disease in Cats

Let's talk about gum disease in cats. Thereare several reasons why gum disease occurs. Mostly that type of gum disease is going tobe caused by bacteria and bacteria on the teeth. So when cats eat, a film forms overthe tooth that is called plaque and so plaque starts to harden and mineralize which turnsinto tartar. As tartar builds up and starts to expand, you get bacteria, more bacteriaa lot of times and pocketing of the gums. And when that occurs, you get gum disease.And so gingivitis is basically an inflammatory and an infection of the gums usually in acat we'll see swollen and very red gums right across the gum line where the tooth startsto come out. And so talk to your veterinary

if you think your cat could have gumdisease. There are other things that can occur in cats such as tumors and growths and thingslike that on the gum an so always check with your veterinarian first to see if there'ssomething you can do to prevent or control that type of gum disease. Wet food versusdry food is probably more a cause of gum disease over time because wet foods build up morearound the teeth whereas dry foods allow them to crunch and hopefully scrape off a littlebit of plaque each time they do crunch.

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