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Bacterial Infection Koi

Aquascaping Lab Fish Diseases how to spot and cure Ickragged tail fincolumnarisDropsy

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this tutorial we are talking about fishes deseases How to identify and cure is very important for fishes and aquarium healt to recognize the diseases and counteract them we must know exactly the normal condition and behavior of our fishes if you know the right condition of varieties in your tank you can see easly if something is not normal

diseases in our tank are generated by bacteria, virus, poor hygiene and water polluting, and wrong nutrition ON LINK FOR WATCH quot;OPTIMAL WATER VALUESquot; like nitrites and nitrates or PH GH KH The principal diseases are: COLUMNARIS disease DROPSY HOLE DISEASES ICK, WITHE SPOTS

RAGGED TAIL FIN SKIN MYCOSIS COLUMNARIS (Cotton Wool Disease) Flexibacter columnaris: Grayishwhite film on skin, damaged fins, ulcers,yellow to gray patches on gills, tissue on head may be eaten away depends also from poor hygiene Must be treated immediately with Overthecounter antibiotic medications. Very contagious disinfect tank, rocks, net, etc.

DROPSY Birnavirus,Pseudomonas,Corinebacterium: A bacterial infection of the kidneys, which causes fluid accumulation or renal failure. It appears to create problems only in weakened fish. May stem from untidy aquarium conditions . External treatments are challenging; preventative care with regular water changes, maintaining ideal aquarium chemistry and adding aquarium salt is highly recommended. Antibiotic injections or feed are most effective HOLE DISEASES Hexamita salmonis, Spironucleus elegans:

is popular in cichlid variety The signs include pittingtype lesions on the head and lateral line the holes will become larger and secondary bacterial and fungal infections will develop These lesions can eventually create a severe infection and the fish becomes systemically ill with loss of appetite and death depends by poor or wrong nutriton for this info click on link for watch quot; FISHES FEED AND CORRECT NUTRITIONquot; then cure it with antibiotics and correct nutrition

but often this disease is chronical ICK, WHITE SPOTS Ichfhyophthirius multiphliis: white spost on all body Usually attacks fish that are stressed, which can be caused by factors including rapid temperature and pH fluctuations conduct a partial water change between antibiotics treatments increase temperature to 3032° celsius and if you want, add little quantity of marine salt

PetSolutions Maracyn 2 AntiBacterial Fish Medication

Maracyn 2 antibacterial fish medications that fastdissolving antibiotic for bacterial infections such as fin and tail rot, popeye, gill diseaseand septicemia in freshwater and saltwater fish. It contains minocycline, which is effective against gram negative bacteria such as aeromonas andflavobacterium and it's nontoxic to invertebrates. A package contains 24powder packets. For additional information on the products used in thistutorial, please visit PetSolutions .

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