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Bacterial Infection Laryngitis

Do I Have Laryngitis or Bronchitis

Do I have laryngitis or bronchitisé The main symptoms of bronchitis are tightnessin the chest, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing up mucus that may be multicoloredand a cough. I have a sore throat, coughing and feel likeI'm losing my voice. If you have a cold or flu, the waterfall ofsnot down the back of your throat can interfere with your voice, though it is not technicallylaryngitis. So what exactly is bronchitisé Bronchitis is a bacterial infection of themucus in your lungs. Laryngitis is in the

larynx. I'm forgetting where that is. Laryngitis is described as an infection orinflammation of the voice box. It makes the vocal cords swell up and changes your voice. I've definitely had my voice go hoarse. The main symptoms of laryngitis is a hoarsevoice, but it may accompany a sore throat, coughing or trouble swallowing. But you canbe pretty sure it is laryngitis if you cannot talk, or it gets worse after yelling.

So much for use it or lose it. Laryngitis caused by straining the voice youcan treat by not straining yourself. You don't have my kids. Time outs can control the kids while you letyour throat heal. Then talk as little as possible. Fine, I'll keep it at a whisper. Whispering actually strains the voice boxas bad as talking. Aside from finishing this conversation, whatcan I do to treat ité If you have bacterial laryngitis, the standardsolution is antibiotics. If it is viral,

the might have a prescription or sayrest and wait. What about bronchitisé Bronchitis often requires antibiotics, butit sometimes clears up on its own with rest, lots of fluids and fever reducers. But withlaryngitis, you won't have a high fever, though the bacteria in your lungs can certainlyinfect the voice box. Oh wonderful, I could end up with both. Any hoarseness that lasts after the cold clearsup is a separate infection, potentially laryngitis lasting after the bronchitis or even startingwhen you started coughing the phlegm as you

cleared out the bronchitis. How can I tell if I have one or the otheré Bronchitis will give you a fever, violentcoughing, extreme fatigue. Laryngitis may make you cough but the biggest inconvenienceis breaking the no texting at dinner rule so the kids know what you want. Whereas with bronchitis, I have to yell fromthe bed, though I'll be straining to talk to them between coughs with either one.

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