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Bacterial Infection On Face

Infectious Face Problem HD

is what we have going on today give a little back story as to what'shappening so this is the electric razor that I'veused for the last few years and switched the heads up a few times it's done a good job for me but this weekI had kind of an incident where shaved on Monday night and 20 minutes after myshave kind of felt like I had a zit coming out and just filled that up withsome alcohol we are going to sanitize those razorheads and the reason we're doing such is

because after my shave it kinda felt itcoming on and sometimes you break out after you shave that's a normal thingbut yeah look up tuesday morning in my face was swollen I couldn't evenopen my eye right enough for me to put my contact so what ended up happening is I knowthat that wasn't normal went into the and they're like oh okay well youhave what's called a for uncle which is

a nicer term for infectious is it that's going to turn into a boiland cause your life pain so oh I just gathered that my razor historyand something got into a poor that abscess that got infected that cause myface to swell up so anyway on two days later I went backto the and I like we are going to Lance you and that's where they knifeyour face so they becoming open i wanted to filmthat part the head now practice liability concerns

I was like okay to you so we didn't wedidn't film making anyway the sliced me open it drains thenasty stuff which I appreciated and then so the infection could continue to drain they shoved the water cause the side ofmy cheek and then they sent me home with this syringe which I am just supposed touse to fill up with water and hose myself out so I'm just seeannotating in some hydrogen peroxide that's scabbed over pretty well I washoping that would soften it up a little bit but it didn't

I guess we'll just go away so we willstill hold of the peace of God they left out here and for ya and I've experienced more painful thingsin life but this certainly is not pleasant who okay well that's my prize it's just God's guys it's God oh ok here we go from bleeding too bad iget some rinse it out more and then I'll dress it and cheering you on with mylife and you're careless I don't turn

into Scarface.

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