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Bacterial Infection Respiratory

What is an upper respiratory infection URI

OK, so it'sgoing to become more apparent, I'm sure, as you hearmy voice in this tutorial, but I do not feel well and I'lltell you, but particularly, I guess why I don't feel well. So this is me, I'mdrawing, kind of, myself. I've got some red hair and I'm also going to draw in my throat and,kind of, my nasal passages. So, here's my throat,kind of carry mine down

and it connects with my nasal passages and the back of my throat, so I've got those structures kind of drawn in here for you. And I'll tell you that part of the reason I don't feel well is becauseI have a really sore throat. It feels like, at times,fire to be honest right now. So, kind of right in back here, at the back of my throat, it's really sore.

I'm also, probably you can tell by the sound of my voice and how nasal it is, I'm pretty congested, so kind of right up here in my nose, I'm pretty congested and believe it or not, right now as I'm making this tutorial I have a fever. I have a 101.8 degree feverand that's in Fahrenheit, so that's actually about a38.8 degrees Celsius fever.

And the reason I have allof these terrible symptoms, excuse me, is because I havean upper respiratory infection. So let me write that in for us, quot;upper respiratory, respiratoryinfection, infection.quot; Or sometimes this isshortened to URI, URI. And so, that's what I want to talk about. I want to talk about upperrespiratory infection, so let's start by thinkingabout what an infection is.

Well, an infection, letme get the right pen, is a disease causing agent, so an infection is a diseasecausing agent that's going to come in and it's going toinvade our host tissue, so in me, my cells, it'sgoing to invade those cells and it's going to cause a reaction. And in the case of upperrespiratory infections, those disease causing agents are typically

either going to be bacteria, so let me kind of draw some bacteria in here. I'll draw like the littlechain cut out of bacteria, or viruses, so this would be a virus, this is kind of a classiclittle cartoon of a virus. So, these are the disease causing agents, so that's the infection part. What about the upper respiratoryƩ

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