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Bacterial Infection Yellow Diarrhea

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Why is There Mucus in My Poop

Oh, crap. What happenedé What's wrongé I don't know what, exactly. Why is theremucus in my poopé Oh, gross. Well, a little is normal, sinceit's the slime your body makes to lube your guts. This was more than a little. If you have an infection, the volume of mucuswould go up. If that happened, you really need to see a .

A runny nose with a cold, runny poop withan infection … If there is blood, that could be a sign ofparasites like worms. I haven't eaten any worms. There are parasites that have eggs in wateror tissue of animals we eat. Then we eat and drink it and get it in us.Oh, gross. I can't have that. I don't eat eggs. Sometimes the problem is because you haveulcerative colitis. I don't have stomach ulcers.

Ulcerative colitis is in the colon. And thatgenerates extra mucus during flareups, which you see when you finally have poop come out. Why does the body make that much internalsnoté Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disorder.The body makes extra mucus to compensate for the attack. If my body makes that much mucus, I'd expectto see more. It's not like I'm blowing my butt as often as my nose. While the mucus isn't absorbed by the body,some of it is broken down by bacteria in your

intestine. The infection. Or the bacteria in your gut that help youbreak down food. How do I know I need to talk to my é If the extra mucus comes with blood or clumpsof tissue, you need to see the . And see the if you have abdominal painwhen you poop or just all the time when there is mucus. Blood, guts and fear. Sounds more like a bandthan a 's note.

And see the if you can't poop, incase things are so inflamed poop can't get out. That can actually be life threatening.

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