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Bacterial Infection Yellow Tongue

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Is A White Tongue A Sign Of Candida

Thank you for looking at my tutorial today. Isa white tongue a sign of Candida, is a question that was asked of me by a lady in Hungary.Let's have a look at what a white tongue really is. When people talk about a white tongue, generally,what they mean is a coating on the inside of the tongue, a white coating. What you'llfind is it will tend to be a bit thicker and darker at the back of the tongue and a littlebit lighter in the middle of tongue. Having a whitecoated tongue is not necessarilyan indication of Candida. It's an indication of dysbiosis or bad bacteria, so bacteriaare often a really big problem with many people

who eat the wrong kind of foods. You'll typicallysee this with people that eat sugarladen foods, have soda drinks, that smoke cigarettes,that have a high carb rich diet. You'll also see it in people who tend to be very stressedout, have a lot of anxiety. People who take lots of pharmaceutical medications. You'llsee it in shift workers because of their erratic lifestyles. You'll see it in many differentkinds of people. You'll often see it in babies, too, particularly younger children who'vehad a round of antibiotics. You'll see white tongue coating in them. Many people on different medications affectingtheir liver or kidneys can have a yellow coating

on the tongue, so a color on the tongue indicatesa sick digestive system. A digestive system that needs rejuvenation, that needs overhaul.When I see a patient with a white coating on the tongue, it's probably like what a greenkeeper if he or she would got out and look at a lawn that's in serious need of renovation.A lawn that's got weeds on it, dead patches on it, that's been compacted that needs rejuvenation.That lawn keeper would look at that lawn and think, quot;What am I going to do hereé I've gotquite a lot of work on my hands.quot; But eventually that lawn will look beautiful with a lot ofcare and attention. Just like a person's tongue can be lovelypink and clean with the right kind of attention

to eating the right kind of foods, chewingfood properly, drinking plenty of clean water, all the basic things that we recommend tobuild good health back up again. A white tongue is often a sign of bad bowelflora. The bad bowel flora may encompass Candida; it may not. I've seen many patients with seriousCandida with a pink tongue, so you can't always say that a white tongue always is a red flagfor Candida. It is not. The quickest way to clean up the tongue is not to focus on thetongue itself, but is to focus on the stomach first, the pancreas or central region of digestion,and then work your way lower down. Many people my age, 50+, have got a low functioningstomach. A low functioning stomach will mean

you're not breaking food down properly. You'renot creating the right pH level up here to activate the proenzymes in the pancreas tothe active form; therefore, you're not giving the small bowel and the large bowel the rightkind of substrate. If the food isn't broken down properly in the other part of the digestivesystem, it's going to cause a lot of problem further downstream because the beneficialbacteria need food sufficiently broken down to thrive on. If the food's broken down properly,you can extract all the goodness out of it and build your health right up again.These are the sort of things that contribute to the white tongue. Eating in front of thetelevision. Eating late at night. Skipping

meals. Not having breakfast. Having a coffeeand a cigarette for breakfast instead of a meal. These are things that contribute towhite tongue. Stay on Facebook at night or using your iPad in bed when you should besleeping. These are things that contribute to white tongue. White tongue is often also associated withgas and bloating, so if you've got bloating and gas or a lot of flatulence or fartingand white tongue, we know you've got serious dysbiosis. Worstcase scenario is people whoactually have wind or gas when they're walking or standing up. These people usually needto seriously work on their gut function. If

What Is A Good Home Remedy For Candida On The Tongue

Thanks for tuning in. Ive got a frequentlyasked question here. What is a good remedy for Candida on the tongueé How do I get mytongue all cleané How do I get all the film off my tongueé Its a question many peopleask me when they come to see me with a Candida infection. How they can get their breath smellingsweet. How they can get their tongue looking nice and pink and clean.Its not really that difficult to explain how to do that. But what I want you to try tounderstand is the way to get rid of this coating on the tongue and how to get the tongue pinkis to think about the tongue as being the beginning or the entry of the digestive systembecause its really a part of your digestive

system. So to get the tongue looking niceand clean, you really want to get your digestive system clean.Its quite a silly idea to think if you just focus on the tongue and clean that maybe witha toothbrush or taking some antifungal drugs or something that youll clean up the tongue.You wont because the problem lies further down in the gut. Thats one thing I want toclear up right from the start. You need to get your digestive system all clean and sorted.You need to get the balance back with the beneficial bacteria.Generally, when youve got a coating on the tongue, it means that youve got dysbiosisor poor bowel flora. The further down the

back of the tongue the coating, the more likelihoodits going to be the large intestine. The more towards the center of the tongue, the morelikely its going to be the small intestine. Anything on the tip of the tongue usuallyis going to mean the stomachs got a problem. On the sides of the tongue, generally meansthe liver has got a problem. So if your liver is a bit fatty or not really healthy, youllhave sort of scalloped edges. Go to the mirror and have a look at your tongue, poke it outand have a look at the different colors on the tongue and how far the color is situatedback. Heavier coatings usually mean more of a problem. People with a big heavy coatingoften have a lot of gas and bloating to go

along with it as well.Lets give you a couple of tips now on really how to clear this sort of thing. One thingthat you want to try to do is start to eat the beneficial foods, foods that are goingto help to clean the digestive system up. Cultured and fermented foods. You will haveheard about all these kind of diets like a body ecology diet. Theres many different typesof diets like that. These sorts of diets really focus on wanting you to eat more foods likekefir and yogurt and sauerkraut and kimchee. These are foods that have been cultured orfermented like sauerkraut. Foods that are rich in lactic acid. Lactic acid has a verygood cleansing effect on the gut and it promotes

the growth of beneficial bacteria, which reallyhelp to clean the tongue up. Theres nothing wrong with giving the tonguea bit of a scrub with a toothbrush. You can even get a toothbrush when you reverse it;its got sort of ripples on the one side where you can actually rub it over the tongue. Thatsgoing to stimulate the digestive system a little bit like when you stimulate the differentpoints on the hand or the feet like reflexology. Youll stimulate the corresponding body parts.I believe that the tongue is the same. If you stimulate the tongue, you stimulate thebowel. And also its good for constipation to stimulate the tongue.A little bit of apple cider vinegar, if you

get an organic one, in water, rinse the mouthwith that once or twice per day. Lemon juice on the tongue has a good cleansing effect.A couple of drops of watersoluble or just plain tea tree oil on your toothbrush. Brushyour teeth with that, but also brush the tongue lightly with the tea tree oil. Thats goingto have a cleansing effect. There are different antifungal herbs you canget like calendula. Calendula is an herb that is an antifungal. Rinsing your mouth witha bit of water and calendula will help to clear anything on the inside. A couple ofdrops of grapefruit seed extract in a little bit of lemon juice, rinsing your mouth thoroughlywith that. Oil pulling. You may want to look

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