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Bacterial Pink Eye Sinus Infection

How to Treat a Sinus Infection

Hi, my name is Troy Giles. I'm a of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you about sinus infections.Sinus infections are, it's different then when you just get snot in your nose, froma regular cold. Infections usually happen when, your sinuses, which aren't the nasalcavity. Okay, let me show you this. The nasal cavity is here. It goes up in the nose andit comes, in quite a large area here, it comes down the back of the throat. This is the nasalcavity. Your sinuses are above that. The sinuses are up in here and there's also sinuses inhere. So when you get a sinus infection, that's different than having snot in your nose, inyour nasal cavity. So what happens is oft

times, when you get a cold, you'll be blowingyour nose so hard, that you push pressure and it comes back up in to the sinuses here.So the way you can tell that there's an infection, one way is severe pain, but that also canbe just that is impacted with, you know, with mucus. The coloring of it, usually if it'sreally dark brown, that's another indicator, the smell, you can oft times smell it. Butit's kind of difficult unless you actually take it and get it, take a sample and growit out to know what's there. I don't really care what's there. What I care about is beingable to draw the mucus out of the sinus cavity and out of the sinuses. The best way I'vefound to treat this, with impaction, or with

infection, is using Nasopure. Nasopure isa nasal wash the you use. You probably have heard of a Netty Pot. Netty Pots you haveto stick the thing in your nose. There's a little pot. You tip your head kind of upsidedown and it runs in your nose and all this stuff. You don't have to do that with Nasopure.Nasopure, you just stick it in one nostril, hold your breath. As you hold your breathit raises up the nasal pharynx. You now compress. You push water and what it does it comes inone side of the nasal cavity and out the other nasal cavity, and you're going to move outmucus, water, whatever. Also as you do this, it going to, as it goes around the back ofthe nasal cavity, it's going to cause a Bernoulli's

Principle, it's called. Bernoulli's is theidea of literally flight. As your flying an airplane, there is a swirl that happens onthe back leading, or the back edge of the wing that causes it to raise up, that causesa suction. So literally your sucked up in the sky by this principle. It creates a lowpressure here. Same idea, as you're shooting water through the back, it comes around theother side. As it makes that turn, it makes it turn a little vortex, a vortices or spinand it will cause a suction that will remove mucus out of the sinuses, top and bottom.So that's very, very effective. Nasopure is a great way. Plus usually an infection isgoing to be bacterial or viral. So as I discussed

how to treat the common cold on another tutorial,BactoEX and ViroEX are very, very effective. We can also get you a tincture. This is BactoEX.It's a capsule. This is just a little scanning tray I use. This is bacteria. This is virus.If you, you can actually take this liquid and put it in to a nasal sprayer as well asactually spray a mist into your nose that's a natural antibiotic. Now, again, if it'sa sinus infection, unless it's massive, then go get an antibiotic, but there's so manyother ways to treat it besides antibiotics, so that you don't have to drain your gut,or drop your immune system. So just basically BactoEX and ViroEX are very, very effective.Flushing it with the Nasopure. Again, the

Nasopure has saline. It comes with littlepackets. It doesn't show the packets here, but it comes with small packets of salineand of bicarbonate or baking soda. So it's salinebicarbonate mixture will help you flushand draw the toxins and stuff out of the mucus. So that's very effective. Don't any citrus,well let's see. I specifically orange juice. Vitamin C is appropriate, but a lot of peoplewill create mucus with orange juice. Don't drink milk while your sick. I don't suggestdrinking milk at any time, but specifically if you have a sinus infection, because itjust creates a great covering and a great area for bacteria to grow. We call it an Agarin chemistry when we're checking, or in biochemistry

Sinus Infection Home Remedy

I need a sinus infection home remedy, I amsuffering way too much. If you are having a headache characterizedby facial pain specifically at the top of the eyes down to your nose bridge, then chancesare you are suffering from sinus infection. Yeah, that is me. What caused it anywayé A sinus infection, or sinusitis, is the inflammationof the paranasal sinuses which could be a result of infection from fungi, viruses, bacteriaor allergies. What should I take to make it all go awayé It is one of the most common infections andmost people who suffer from this usually take

pain meds, antibiotics or antihistamines torelieve its symptoms. But what if I don't have any these on handwhen my sinus infection attacksé I need to try a sinus infection home remedy. Before the infection worsens, try to drinkapple cider vinegar. It is said that drinking this solution could lessen the mucus withinthe walls of the sinuses. This sinus infection home remedy should be drunk throughout theday. It's best to take apple cider vinegar right before the onset of the infection. As you can see, it is a little too late forthat.

But when the swelling already progressed,you will feel discomfort especially when breathing. In some cases, you will also have fever andsevere headache, especially if you bend over. I don't think I want to even try that. Whatabout my noseé Nasal discharge which is usually green andthick, clogged nose and swelling of the eyelids are just some of the discomfort that sufferershave to endure. Inhaling the steam from a hot water or a vaporizer could provide a quickrelief. I will pick up a vaporizer right away. Grapefruit seed extract can also be a remedy.In fact, some have been cured of the sinus

infection days after taking it. The only downside to this is that its taste is not so good, but that's a small price to pay if you wantto find a quick and easy relief to the sinus inflammation. Just be sure that you are nottaking it on an empty stomach, otherwise you would experience hyperacidity. That thought of Grapefruit makes me queasy,what else could I useé A hot compress is also said to be a good sinusinfection home remedy. Or better yet, take a hot shower and let the water run on yourface. This will have a soothing effect, much like the relief you get from hot compress.

A hot shower sounds heavenly. Other home remedies include drinking warmtea and applying a concoction of basil leaves, dried ginger and garlic onto the forehead. That sounds like fun. All of these methods could help in easingout the discomfort sufferers feel. But it would also be helpful if you can have enoughrest and avoid mucusthickening food like milk, cheese, wheat and some spicy food. You just want to take all the fun out of beingsick.

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