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Bottega Veneta Coin Purse Wallet Unboxing

Hello, welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to share a wallet I picked up from the Bottega Veneta online site. that purple and I don't like that tonal color and just thought about itand was like why am I gonna keep something that I don't actually love allthat much cuz I really don't like my color so I sent a backhand return thisone is dead and another difference was about 18 partial 184 around but it'ssmall and I don't like when I was in college but when I was not what it wasvery easy does it in my hand now actually trying to go way down the otherway to start to think the reason is cuz

I had a while and it's like a noname Iam really pretty was committed in color and it was really good quality leatheror something and lay out of the loop and tons of the compact didn't like that one is I thought it wasbecause of like four hours it was hard to get things out but was actually hashad the greatest needed the designated card slot and that's what I don't likebecause they're so hard to get out and that's what I also didn't like in theearly wallet cards are so hard to like get in and out when they their specificslot so I like just the use of money but

the ease of use things in 15 just in anorder that I like the way that they've been using my having a claim and thistime I am in like a little pricey know what it's like to keep everyone talkedabout it several times and that is not the most used to clean my othercurrencies every day and I really enjoyed using the nurse told me resentedlike using that system is because i dont have a good place in my my like I don'tlike where queens and Ashley found something that I could put cash intothat I was happy with enemies using for I don't know why you're just don't likeit and I haven't found anything but I do

like and considered by many otherclaimants are considered by but I don't want to buy another and leave it on walland I think I'm not stonewalling has been leaving and I'm not really trustfor the moment and so does that mean to look around again as I was when I wastrying to give another mom while others do you think how much I love that and how much itworks for me see so few things I have to complete so I found this little guy andin here now and hopefully it'll work early and definitely more so I didn'tbuild that first unboxing but the

lighting solar storms like this tutorialtape to get up and give you some boxing to unload another race here it's areally nice they offer express complimentary shipping you had the firstone I got was shipped from the USA distribution center in stock and willship to APO to UPS two Day Air and this one was not in stock you thinkit was sent from the ranch house in Italy to New Jersey and then they shouldthe next day I got the same building as complimentary stock I color my name address and I don't knowwhat the plan is going to see the name

of the item and then it comes in thedark brown box with a black leather or gold lettering and the boxes with Diliplost the work's recording then this color is much more me a break bread andlove how beautiful you do my reaction when I'm not very excited about thefirst thing is that I was like this one is really pretty bright red and itlooked on the website but I was looked like for this caller and it will read itlooked on their site there lightings little off and it has the matter and itslambskin it was so fun was amazing and this time is required for return

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