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DARTH MAUL Apprentice A Star Wars FanFilm

Our enemies will pay for what they have done to us. The annihilation of our people will not be left unpunished. For a thousand years we have been waiting, hiding, observing. But our time to strike is finally at hand, my apprentice. Now the Jedi are weak,

blinded by arrogance and limited by compassion They choose to deny the true nature of the Force. That hate makes us powerful. Very soon you'll be strong enough. And vengeance will be ours. But until then, our presence must be kept hidden.

We cannot let them know what we are planning. You must protect our secret at all costs. Any intruder must be destroyed immediately I'm getting closer to the source of the signal. I can feel it. Very good.

Wait! I think there's something else. No! It cannot be. We shouldn't have come here. We must inform the council! There is no time. We'll have to deal with it ourselves.

Everyone focus! Don't let him get away! Stay close to me. You have been beaten! Surrender. There is no escape for you. We can't defeat him, we have to retreat! If we let him escape it could mean the end for all of us!

You have to trust me. Okay. Sith. Your fighting style is a long forgotten art. But I understand it now. Let us leave! We already lost too much! We can get him! Don't be afraid,


I'm Coyote Peterson. With beauty often comes danger and we tend to forgetthat in the wilderness, we are no longer at thetop of the food chain. (bear growling and roaring) (adventure themed music) There's no wilderness greater than the backcountry of Montana, an epic expanse of untamed beauty,

that is home to some of North America's most incredible animals. Every year thousands of adventurous hikers set off down rugged mountain trails, escaping the confines of every day life and immersing themselvesinto the wild. Being lost in nature, we all hope to catch a glimpse of something beautiful,a chance encounter,

and an experience thatwill never be forgotten. The scenario we just painted for you is a common instance that can happen when hiking out here in the backcountry of Montana. What you're actuallylooking at here is Adam. Now, Adam was raised in captivity and he's a bear that's used for educational purposes and as an ambassador for his species

to teach you guys what to do, and not to, if you ever encounter one of these beautiful animals in the wild. Scenario number one, and best case for you, is that you stumble upon a grizzly bear and it doesn't see you. Stop, stay quiet, back up slowly and get yourself movingin another direction.

Now the second scenario you could find yourself in you turn a corner and all the sudden, it's you and a grizzly bear. You see the bear, and the bear sees you. This is the most dangerous situation that you can be in. Grizzlies don't typically want anything to do with humans what you want to do is make yourself look as big as possible.

(bear growling and roaring) Woah bear, woah bear, woah bear! If that bear feels threatened it should turn around and walk back up into the forest. Once you know that thebear is out of eye sight you hop into your car, or wherever it was that you came from and get yourself to safety. Now the third, and worst case scenario

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