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My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Fish

My vaginal discharge smells like fish. I'm assuming this couldn't possibly bedue to a messy fish and chips dinner. No, way more intimate than someone constantlyspilling dinner in my lap. Then the most likely cause is due to an infection. I don't think I have a social disease. Well,I hope I don't have a sexual disease. If you have bacterial vaginosis caused bythe overgrowth of bacteria naturally down there, you can end up with a fishy odor. How could I have developed thaté

So much douching to remove any odor that youstripped away healthy bacteria, leaving the bad ones a fertile playground. If you said that about my digestive tract,the solution would be probiotics. If you have that type of discharge, you cantreat it by eating yogurt and hoping that circulates through your system to the vagina.Or you can take the direct route and put yogurt up there. That's as embarrassing to admit as a coloncleanse. You know that it is bacterial overgrowth ifit is worse after you have sex or if you're

suffering a UTI too. I don't see how a UTI could cause this. If you're wiping back to front, the poopbacteria that get into the urinary tract and cause a UTI will cause vaginosis too. What's a reason that doesn't have to dowith a playground being between two sewersé A fishy odor accompanied by a green dischargemeans you have trichomoniasis. It is sometimes called just trich, pronounced trick. *That I've heard of, but I don't knowanything about it.

Trichomoniasis is a protozoan infection, andit causes a sour or fishy smell. Then trich is a sexual disease. Yes, and they can cure it with antibiotics. What else could it beé If it smells like rotted meat down there,you may have forgotten a tampon. That's what can cause toxic shock syndrome. Yes, and rotted fish smells means you havethe vaginosis or severe yeast infection, plus the bacteria that can cause toxic shock syndrome.

Anything on that list necessitates gettingto a , and after which, only using ultrathick maxi pads. If the vaginal discharge smells bad and lookslike curds, you have a yeast infection. It is also more likely if the itching is bad,skin is red and it hurts when you pee or have sex. At least that I can treat with stuff fromthe store. And any other cause requires talking to a, yogurt or not.

San Francisco Travel Guide WhereTraveler Part 2

What would a trip to any city be without seeingthe major landmarksé Just a short cable car ride from Buena Vista on Hyde St is the windingLombard Street. With eight hairpin turns and stunning homes, Lombard Street is been oneof the mostphotographed landmarks in the city. For an escape from the city's hustle and bustle,there's no better place than Golden Gate Park. The park is enormous, and used by all mannerof locals and visitors, whether they're looking for cultural attractions, a good workout ora quiet picnic. The park is so large that it even features a paddock of live buffalo,and two impressive Dutch windmills.

The California Academy of Sciences museumis also located within Golden Gate Park. It's one of the largest natural history museumsin the world, and features an aquarium, planetarium and an indoor rainforest. Across the street is the striking de YoungMuseum with its copper facade. Inside you'll find an assortment of African, Pacific andAmerican art. Nearby, and still in the park, is the JapaneseTea Garden. Originally designed for the 1894 World's Fair, the garden will transport youacross the Pacific with its pagodas and arched drum bridge.

Finally, every traveler visiting San Franciscoshould spend some time in jail. San Francisco's most famous penitentiary, Alcatraz, makesfor a great day trip, but purchase your tickets in advance as it sells out quickly. San Francisco has it all: from history tofood, from nightlife to culture. It's a city of great diversity, shaped by the gold rush,by the Pacific Ocean and by earthquakes, by counterculture and the gay rights movement,and even by the explosive growth of technology firms. Visit once and you'll know why theCity by the Bay is considered one of America's top travel destinations.

Assault in the 4th Degree with Domestic Violence Seattle Divorce Lawyer Eric Engel Explains

What is assault in the fourth degree witha domestic violence componenté Hi. I'm Eric Engel, a Seattle lawyer here with the EngelLaw Group here in Seattle, Washington. An assault in the fourth degree with a domesticviolence component is simply an unwanted touching of another human being that you intend todo on purpose. What that means is that, for example, you've pushed your wife or youhit your wife or you've pushed your girlfriend or hit your girlfriend and she didn't wantyou to do that. Now, in our state, it's a crime to commit that act and when you'vebeen charged with assault in the fourth degree that means the state is accusing you of havingcommitted a crime. Now these sorts of matters

are very serious because not only do theycarry a hefty fine, but the possibility of jail time for up to a year. I'm tellingyou this because you've just been charged with assault in the fourth degree and you'retrying to figure out what to do. We deal with these sorts of problems every day. If youfind yourself in this situation, pick up the phone, give us a call. I'm Eric Engel withthe Engel Law Group. Thanks for watching my tutorial.

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