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♫ Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna doé ♫ Whatcha gonna do when they come for youé ♫ Nahas, nahas, nahas, nahey. I don't know the rest of the words. So, recently I've beenthinking about doing some more traveling, butpart of doing traveling to other countries and things like that, is doing research, not onlyabout what you should bring

to the country, but tobe aware of the laws of the country you're going to. And as I was doing thisresearch, I came across some websites that warnyou about the various laws that you're supposed to be aware of before you enter some countries, and after reading these,I was basically just like quot;I'm gonna just stay home.quot;

So I gathered up the 10 craziest laws in the world to share with you guys. So here they are. It's illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a crime in New Jersey. In New Jersey, if you planon committing a crime, like, say, murder, robbery, kidnapping, or pretty much anything else,

don't wear a bulletproofvest, 'cause, you know, after all, you wouldn'twant to break the law. Seriously, who's this going to deteré If you're already committed to the idea of robbing a bank, I'm pretty sure you're more concerned abouta bullet through the chest than you are about the charge for wearing the bulletproof vest,unless you're some sort of,

like, you know, ethical thug. So that's how you rob a banké A'ight. I'm ready to do this! Whaté Bulletproof vests are illegalé Well, damn! The whole thing's off then. We don't wanna get in trouble, ain't that right, Dollyé We don't wanna disappoint mama.

Traffic fines as a percentageof income in Finland. Traffic fines in Finland aren't fixed, like the rest of the world. Instead, they're basedon the driver's income as welll as the severity of the offense. There are multiple cases of wealthy people that have been chargedtens, hundreds of thousands and yes, even millions ofdollars in traffic fines.

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