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Exploring the snow The Beginning FULL MOVIE

Exploring. Has always been a strong driving force for man kind. Curiosity and exploration is crucial to the way people continue to develop themselves. Where we assume the challenge of traveling deeper into the unknown. The desire to challenge the limits has developed our world for centuries. For us, it was a way to develop our sport. We gathered a group of passionate sledders. Who have a yearning to discover new environments and brake new ground.

This may require traveling a lot of miles, and to go far into unexplored areas. We want to explore the potential to ride on other locations than our familiar areas. Dreams of surfing in meter deep snow, where no one previously has been. This is what drives us. This is what we love. It started out with a really bad winter. Surprisingly high temperatures And what was supposed to come down like snow

Came as rain. Nothing went our way The local riding locations was unridable or felt to familiar. The realiazion came. We had to do something new! After many hours of planning and investigating terrain. Studying lays and logistics of the world. We finally found a man on the internet.

Showing pictures of himself sledding in massive terrain. The man was from Greenland. The decision was easy We definitely needed to go there But we would need some help. My name is Lars Borris Pedersen. I'm just turning forty yeas old. I'm from Nuuk.

I've been living here signs the beginning of the 90´s. Nuuk is the capital of Greenland. It has 16000 inhabitants approximately, I would guess that one third would be Danish speaking. And two thirds would be Greenlandic speaking. Nuuk is called the worlds smallest biggest city. It is a. small city but you have a lot of stuff to do in it. Off course, we are a little group that exploring new areas and so on.

And it is only a little tiny piece of Nuuk area we are discovering. So for you guys to discover more is just open, it is a open book. To do something even more crazy and so on. Greenland. The worlds largest island Consisting of 85% ice. Where we imagine a snowmobile paradise. Covered in snow and crowded by polar bears.

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