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Bv Foul Odor


I'm Coyote Peterson. Now you've seen mestung by harvester ants, fire ants, and scorpions. But today, I'm moving a rung up on the insect sting pain index, and I'm going to bestung by the cow killer. I have a feeling thatthis one is going to hurt. Oh boy.

(scream) (intense percussion music) There's no question about it. The wild west isrough and rugged. And whether you're talkingabout the rocky terrain, laced with spine coveredplants, or its animals, most of which are armedwith fangs and stingers, Arizona's Sonoran Desert is anadventure lover's playground.

Sure we all have ourfears of being bitten by a rattlesnake whenventuring off trail. Or in my case, having agiant desert centipede run on my pant leg. But in actuality, thegood news is that each and every one of these creatures does its best to avoidhuman interaction. However, sometimes youhave an accidental runin.

And when you do,a bite or a sting can be incredibly painful. (gasping) Yeah, he got me. He bit me. Mark You sureé Coyote Yeah, hedefinitely bit me. When it comes tomy line of work,

the goal is to havean interaction, so that I can show you theeffects of these encounters. This way we can alllearn why it's important to be in tune withour surroundings, and why it's alwaysbest to admire animals from a safe distance. Velvet ant, velvet ant! (mumbling)

I can pick off, yes, hold on, he's underneath thelog, I just started to tip and so I ranback, hold on a second. Mark I saw him. Coyote Did you see ité Mark He ducked outand ducked back in. Coyote Thereit is, there it is. Mark Get him,get him to go in it.

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