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This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5

Meanwhile on a different location. Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t,sh*t. Sh*t. Honey! You have to go right, no, left. Sorry.You have to go left. I thought you knewwhere to go, but you. Well guys, the catering van has arrived! Good afternoon.Yes, it's bad.

You've already seen it of course,we got hold of the German super trio. M3, C63 and the RS5. There are three cars,so I brought along two mates. Casper in the M3.It is so cool. And Mister AMG himself in the AMG. There we go, that's how it's done! The RS5, the newest of the three. .is going tochallenge the M3 and the C63.

Apparently those German manufacturerswatch each other closely. .because on paper the specsare remarkably similar. The 'weakest' is the BMW M3:4 liter V8, 420 hp, 420 Nm of torque. After that comes the RS5: 4.2 liters big,450 hp, 430 Nm. A bit more. But the absolute winner is the C63 AMG. That ginormous engine that's been fittedin the small engine compartment. .by the evil s at AMG. It's 6.2 liters big, but for historic reasonswe call it 6.3.

457 hp and 560 Nm of torque. So especially the torque figuresare very different. .from those of the two sensitive boysfrom Ingolstadt and Munich. On paper all cars are equally quick,062 in 4.6 seconds. But what will really happené We'll see after the break. Guys!I brought some nice food. You work hard,but the inner man needs care too.

What do you haveé What do you fancyéSome fries maybeé With sauceé What would you likeéI'll also have fries please. There you go.Can I have a sausage tooé It's nice isn't ité It's the best thing you've ever given us. This does make you thirsty.

Damn Sacha! Geez! Sorry, that's what you get with 6.2 liter. And there's launch control, so you just go. Easy peasy. Launch control is for wimps, guys. A steady ankle will also cut it. What sets the BMW apart from the othersis the gearbox. .it's so cool.

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