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O dia que eu perdi o bv O primeiro beijo

what's up guys from my channel, are you okayé first I will ask for you subscribe here and activate the bell to receive all tutorials and let that your liked, that helped me too but then this tutorial is about the first kiss in school you already know how to suffer bullying a person who never kissed right

It has to people who participate in truth or dare just to kiss how cané often ends up kissing the person in this play that not want . there are people who train the first kiss both in orange in cup but where's the iceé Melts! or in the mirror.

but then the first closer contact you have with a person in brazil is in this schools because when you hold her hand you thought: I took her hand I took his hand I took her hand I took his hand I took her hand

I took his hand I took her hand I took his hand I took her hand and continue all day xD I had a girl I was enjoying it right, but she did not know that I had never been kissed, and . I wanted to stay with but I did not want to spend vexation

but then I thought: I will kiss the girl that I have dancing in school I learned from her, I also did not pass vexation and if I go with her vexation to me It will not matter, understandé I scored with that girl her go my home to get some tutorials music it and then everyone watching mtv in this time Don't created still this internet in my city and she was in my house to pick up music tutorials

she arrived and was playing bon jovi always Now I can't sing a love song Like the way it's meant to be Well I guess I'm not that good anymore But baby that's just me, And I will love you baby always

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