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Bv Karanth

Vaginosis Home Remedies Health Tone Tips

Home Remedies for Vaginosis, apple cider vinegar for a couple apple cider vinegar in atelephone wire soak your vagina in water mixed withapple cider vinegar for about 1520 minutes as it helps in killing the harmful bacteria andremoving the infection any Greek fenugreek is highly beneficialfor treating bacterial vaginosis it will help improve the pH level in thevagina and boost the immune system to speed up the healing process

drink this water the next morning on anempty stomach fenugreek helps in maintaining thehormonal balance in regulating the menstrual cycle yellow card tippit n pun in plain yogurtand inserted in your vagina to get rid of bacterial infection yogurt contains natural bacteria whichhelp to balance the pH level up the vagina while eliminating the infection you can also eat plain yogurt at leasttwice a day

tea tree oil tea tree oil is an herbalremedy to treat bacterial vaginosis at home makes a few drops of tea treeoil in the lukewarm water and rinse your vagina with this solution t3 oil is natural antibacterial that isvery effective in reducing bacterial infection in the vagina garlic garlic is one of the best home remediesfor bacterial infection in women you can eat raw garlic cloves

or place a garlic clove in your vaginaand remove it after a few hours garlic is an actual antibiotic and workswell to cure bacterial vaginosis coconut oil coconut oil has natural antiviral and a bacterial and antifungalproperties that can kill the germs that cause bacterial vaginosis and prevent it from recurring teabag socan teabag in water and then place it in therefrigerator for a few minutes

then place it in your vagina for about10 minutes tea bag is a soothing relief to theitchiness cost due to bacterial infection nope interment next for teaspoon ofturmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm milk engine did every day till the symptomssubside completely Marga Sol leaves martha is an effective national cure forbacterial infection

crash a handful of my guess Elise insome water to form a paste apply this paste on your vagina andleave it for some time %uh repeat this remedy at least twice aday in order to get relief allegedly make alleged 30 by boiling itin some water now soak a clean cloth in gently rub itinto your vagina it will give you relief from theinformation cost due to bacterial infection black walnut you can apply black walnuttincture to cure bacterial vaginosis

Kraurya 1996 Girish Kasarvalli

To BV Karanth Bundle Ajji (grandmother) is going to tell a story!!! Everybody come! I am going Wait! I am also coming You go and get Srinivasa. I will wait Give me way. Let me at least go quicker (Folk song in the background)

Mother! There is a Puja in Rangajji's house. I will go and get prasad. Don't go! If your father gets to know, you will get scoldings. I will come before Appa comes. Listen! Don't go Murthy. Murthy. He would have already reached Rangajji's house! Today there is a puja in her house. Puja is just an excuse! They only wand to listen to Rangajji's fantasy stories.

Ninasam Documentary 2015

Documentation project of Ninasam Plays 2015Form and content The song praises Lord Ganesha through chanting his various names. He is also considered to be the first audience to any performance Oh Ganesha! The elephant headed lord!Thy flag is victory! You are as bright as 100 suns! Oh! Ekadanta! Oh! Vaikalyantha!You shower prosperity and Knowledge Oh Elephant headed God! Oh Heramba! Mouse is your vehicle!You are majestically attired! We recall you over again and salute you! Oh the first audience!You are the owner of the play!

A project of Sanchi foundationIn association with Ninasam Oh Ekadanta! Oh Vaikalyantha;You shower prosperity and Knowledge Akshara K.VTheatre director, Writer What is the curious thingabout Kannada theater is. Theaters which can't either be calledamateur or professional Have been existed sincethe beginning of 20th century. Those who document onthe history of the theater. Broadly and simplycategorize theater into two:

That is professional and amateur. But. in many places of Karnataka Especially in small villages. Theater activities which were a blend ofboth of these forms was always present. The villagers grouped themselvesand enacted a play once in a year. The plays, however, were influencedby professional theater. .They had an aura of quot;company theaterquot; But the cast and crewwere mostly amateurs.

Historically, We have been perceiving theprofessional and amateur theaters. .Are to be completely different In certain respect, it is true. Means, there was aprofessional theater. quot;Gubbi Companyquot; was there for example. .Tens of other companies wereactive in North Karnataka They produced certainkind of plays of their own In parallel, there was alsoSriranga, Bellary Raghava.

.There was this quot;AmateurDramatic Association.quot; Theirs was an amateur theater. But, what I am trying to point is. The theater activities thatwere present in villages. For example, Mr. Navarathna Ramarayain his book quot;Kelavu Nenapugaluquot; (Some Memories) Gives glimpses of the kinds oftheatre activities he encountered. .During his visits to the villagesas Deputy Commissioner. If you see that, you can understand.

That theater was neithera professional one. .Nor an amateur one tooin this sense of a theater. .Which was conducted by thelikes of G.B. Joshi and Sriranga. So, this sort of theatre was existedwhich didn't fall under these two categories. And from the point ofview of history of our theater. This type of theater is not evenrecognized and categorized at all. So, it is disappeared from history!No one has documented its history! Ninasam has alsobegun as this type of theater:

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