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This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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MC Escher Documentary by CINEMEDIANPSRNTV 1999

mmm in the woodcut entitled metamorphosisthe birds fees and fish that emerge from thebackground suddenly give way to a view of a southern Italian town precise in every detail Maurits Escher lived in Italy forthirteen years it was undoubtedly the happiest periodin his life he met his wife to have his three sonswere born there

and he produced almost half of hiswoodcuts and lithographs in Italy if he ever needed a landscape Street orbuilding for one of his later Prince he pulled out one of his sketches fromthis period it in this way he was able to make useof his unremitting nostalgia for his Italianyears and and

home well %uh the duck city of harlem in 1920 a slight figure reflected in achandelier at the city's cathedral church rights to a friend about what he feelswhen he listens to the organ on

on suddenly a gale rushed through the pipesat the organ and a thundering voice proclaims theglory of God then the young man lay down his back onthe cold stones the large cold stones while thehurricane blew and the voice thundered the columns atthe church could bear the sound no more than he could they stretched as a person stretcheswhen waking up

so much so that they seemed about tobreak and the young man lay on his back on thecold stones at the church and stretched out his arms as if to becrucified and above him he saw the swaying and undulating columns the organ grew muchlarger the pipes reach from the earth to theheavens and the young man felt such a strong winds that he rose up from the stones and flewinto the sky

between the swaying columns Mark Escher the young man blown out to the church byBach has just moved to harlem he often goes to listen to the churchorgan as this is the best way to get rid of abad mood a some he often has such moods he lives in lodgings alone far away from the city of Hama where hespent his youth he's far away from his

Gavita Holland Professional Lighting

All right, we are here with Jair, one of thefounders for Gavita. Jair, can you tell me what Gavita is, so a little bit about yourcompany and what you guys doé Well, we are a 30yearold company. We'reactually one of the first specialized horticulture lighting companies in the world. We try tomake products for growers. Actually, we come from professional agriculture. That's wherewe do big rows up to 40,000 lights, 4 megawatts. We took that technology and pretty much about6 years ago, we brought it to the hydromarkets and in hydromarkets, the new doubleendedsystems, the doubleended lamps, the extra outputs, the better quality, the more yieldspretty much changed the markets.

Okay, and how long have you guys been in businessé About 30 years actually. Thirty years. We come from professional agriculture. Fora long time, the hydromarket was a little bit hidden, and we opened it up about 6 yearsago. It was a great moment. It was a great moment to actually see that happen. We'retrying to develop new products for growers. We're not a hype company. We don't want tohype our products. We want to deliver. We want to make sure that's efficiency, professionality.Quality is with us, the most important thing.

We're not the cheapest lighting system onthe markets. We're probably one of the most expensive. Right. But if you get a Gavita, you get 10 percent,20 percent to 40 percent more yield than with your current system, then it makes a lot ofinterest for the customer to spend that extra amount of money. Right, right. And are you based all over theworld oré Well, our headquarters and production is inHolland.

Yeah, okay. We actually make in Holland. We're not a Chineseproduct. Right. We have our own laboratories. We do our ownresearch and development. Okay. We are based all over the world. We do businessin all over Europe, in Australia, in South America, in the United States, Canada, sopretty much worldwide global business. Okay, and can clients directly contact youor they have to go through a distributoré

Well, the stores, we work through a distributionsystem, so it goes through the distributor, to the store, to the enduser. But if thereare any questions, you can definitely contact us. I mean we try to help the customers withquestions, maybe with grow room designs. I mean those are things that are interesting.I mean you can sell a lamp to somebody and then turn your back on them, but we want tohold to customers by the hand and help them to use that lamp in the best way possible. Right, yeah.

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