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Benefits and Uses of Oil of Oregano

Hey guys, Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine and founder of DrAxe . Today I want to share with you the many benefits oforegano oil and the many uses of oil of oregano. Oregano oil has been used for over 2,500 yearsand has 4 really unique specific benefits. Number one, it's antifungal. Number two,it's antibacterial. Number three, it's an antiparasite and antiviral, and number four,it's an antioxidant. So let me talk about, specifically, how youcan use these in fighting infections and naturally healing your body. The number one way oilof oregano is used today is to treat funguses and candida. For a lot of us, it's very easyto develop things like candida in your body.

If you ever have too much, like a white coaton your tongue, or if you commonly are getting different types of infections, it could becaused by candida. Oil of oregano has been proven in medical studies to kill off candidiasis,that bacteria or fungus, that can grow within your system. It also works as an antifungal. Quick side note, my mom, after going throughchemotherapy years and years ago, came down with a toenail fungus and had chronic yeastissues. For 10 years she had a toenail fungus, and we started using oil of oregano on hertoenail fungus every day. After two months, it was completely gone. She had used differentcreams. She had used different medications.

Nothing had worked until she used oil of oregano.So again, for a toenail fungus or for a candida cleanse, you can put this on topically. I don't recommend taking this internally morethan 10 days in a row, but you can do oil of oregano, 4 drops, 4 times daily internally,but only for 10 days and not longer, because it is a natural form of medicine. The second thing you can use oil of oreganofor is to kill off bacteria. If you ever come down with a common cold or flu, this actsvery, very quickly at killing off bad bacteria and viruses within your system. In fact, therewas a groundbreaking study on oil of oregano

recently that it actually kills off E. coli,one of those bad forms of bacteria that can actually even cause food poisoning and causeyou to get sick. So again, oil of oregano, it's great to take for kicking a cold fast. Number three, a parasite cleanse. Many people,especially when you travel overseas, you can come down with a parasite. Oil of oreganois an antiparasitic as well, so it kills off parasites. Number four way to use and benefit from usingoregano oil is its powerful antioxidant properties. In fact, it's one of the top 10 antioxidantherbs out there today, and so if you want

to age slower, live longer, oregano is great.Again, I don't recommend using this internally unless you're sick or doing a temporary cleansefor 10 days, but you can diffuse it around your home. You can make it as part of a personalcare product. In fact, you can make homemade mouthwash with oregano oil, and it helps cleanyour teeth and helps fight gingivitis and bad breath. So again, there are many benefitsand uses here of oregano oil. Make sure when you're buying oregano oil thatyou buy from a very high quality brand. Again, oil of oregano is beneficial because it'santifungal, it's antiviral, it's antiparasitic. Also, it is a powerful and potent antioxidant.

Last thing here I want to mention about it,another recent medical study was published showing that it also can shrink tumors, andit may be an effective natural treatment against different types of cancer. So guys, this has been Axe recommendingyou add oregano oil or make it part of your healthy natural medicine cabinet. If you want to learn more about essentialoils, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page. I'm always putting out new tutorials onthe many benefits of herbs, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and essential oils.

LG 34UM95 34 UltraWide Widescreen 219 Monitor My New Favourite

Sometimes I put off doing the review because newer, more interesting products arrive, and another times I just get too busy and I don't have time. But LG's 34UM95, I've been putting it off, because I just didn't want to take it off my desk for long enough to capture a tutorial of the thing.   Specwise this 34inch, 21 by 9, “Cinematicaspectratio� monitor weighs in its massive 3440 by 1440 resolution, about 34% higher AND bigger than 20 by 60 27inch monitor. It features IPS panel rated at 5 miliseconds in response time and

uses 8bit panel control and frame rate bit dithering to achieve 10bit color, but only on the display port connection. Speaking of connection, it's got a headphone jack, integrated USB 3.0 hub and power jack to go along, with its dual HDMI display port and Thunderbolt2 tutorial inputs. Please note that the two Thunderbolt2 ports there are for daisychaining, not as two separate inputs. And the HDMI inputs are limited to 50 Hertz. This is an HDMI spec limitation and all the difference from 60 Hertz is noticeable. It's not as nearly as bad as the 30 Hertz that 4K monitors will run at over HDMI. Now physically the monitor is a unique specimen.

I've never seen anything quite like it and since it's the first of its own kind and only available in a couple of regions, I guess neither have for a lot of people. And I think that the coolest thing about it is how many different ways it can be used and very effectively. For 16:9 content, it's 27inch 2560 by 1440 monitor with black bars on the side. For sidebyside pseudodual monitor use,it's two 20.5inch monitors, each with the 1720 by 1440 resolution, a throwback 5:4 aspect ratio that really is better for some tasks than the newer 16:9 standard. And then finally, for 21 by 9 content,it's a truly fieldofviewfilling 34 inches of immersive bliss. The stand is branded “Crystal Float�, because it's clear, so that combined with nice thin bezel is supposed to make

the screen seem like, it's just hanging there. But, um, I found the effect was somewhat diminished by the fact that it only supports 10 degrees of tilt. And to adjust height, I had to jury rig the monitor stand on the box. With that said, at least LG had the consideration to include the VESA mount on the back, something that I'll likely use. On the bottom, we found a couple of integrated speakers and the joystick for navigating the onscreen menu. It allows picturebypicture control, input switching, input lag adjustment in a variety of image adjustments, including the unusual Reader mode, which reduces the “Blues� for theoretically less eye fatigue. Back to the front, the screen uses the antiglare coating that is perhaps a little bit more matt than I would normally prefer

but ended up being great for me, since I sit next to the window at my desk, where I'll be using the monitor moving forward. Now, this is where the review deviates from the formula a bit, because I didn't know how to approach a review of something that is so different other than to draw your attention to the fact that I just said where I'll be using the monitoring moving forward. Because I've officially been converted. I'm ditching my dual 23inch 1080p monitors for this at work and I will really like to replace my Proart PA279Q at home, as well. This is just flat out, the best solution for productivity and gaming IMHO(in my humble opinion). And this is coming from someone that came into this review with pretty closedminded attitude. I was sure, a very short time ago, that 4K was next big revolution.

And the first time I saw a 21:9 desktop monitors at CES 2013, I didn't even ask for samples. I thought they were a silly, “becausewecan� factor that took everything that was wrong with 16:9, that is to say, not enough vertical real estate compared to the older 16:10 widescreen standard, and meted even more ridiculous. They felt like an expensive step backwards, and I didn't care at all. because I've only recently just getting 4K monitor samples, so that “the first time� experience of 4K is actually still very fresh in my mind. I mean, to be clear, sitting in front of a 4K monitor is great. The sharpness and clarity of images is fantastic. And the amount of stuff that you can fit on it at the same time is amazing. But somehow it still feels like so many things in the PC industry, it's like, “Yes, it's more pixels at a lower price!�

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