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By Sai Surakshith Keshava. By Sai Surakshith Keshava By Sai Surakshith Keshava.

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Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to Wedding Ball, '95! Thank you! Thank you! This program hasbeen organized so that. .girls can choosetheir husband themselves. A boy and a girl will come on stage,one at a time. .and tell us about their talents. So I request you allto come on stage one by one. Move. Let me go.

Hey! Mister, stand in the queue. Has anyone ever got an opportunityby standing in a queueé If all the girls get over,then I'll remain a bachelor! Okay, start. All the best. Yes! What kind of a husband do you wanté I'll be what you want me to be. I'll take care of the children,the food.

And during free time,in the evening, I'll dance for you. I dance very well. I'll dance slowly. You can make me dance to your tunes. But nowadays, the family members of a boy. There's nobody!There'll be no problem. I don't have any relatives. Good! Even then, I want a boy who'll be with me like a dog. If I go there, he should go there.If I go here, he should come here.

You understandé Where did he goé How did you like this dogé Look, I'm a new dog! I've never behaved like a dog,but I promise you that I'll. .become a real dog in a few days. But please don't refuse me.Otherwise I'll feel so bad! I'll marry him. I'll marry him!I'll marry him. I'll marry him!

Nowadays dogs get so much respect! Raju! Raju!You sleep so much! Wake up! Hey! Hey! Who is ité What are you looking atéGo and do your work. Are you my friend or my enemyé Both. Sit. What is thisé What's this nonsenseé I had a very nice dream.There were girls all around me.

I was even goingto marry one of them. .and you splashedwater all over my hopes. Don't you want to have a sisterinlawéSome nieces or nephewsé Don't you want meto have a happy familyé You leave that to me. I'll get married and fulfill your wishes. You fool, I'm elder to you.I'll marry first. I'll get that done too! Raju, yesterday a driver cameto get his car repaired. Yes.

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