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Bv Ramana

Gowri 2004 HD Full Length Telugu Film Sumanth Charmi Kaur BV Ramana Koti

Oh! I can't push the scooterin this hot sun. I can't find a mechanicin such a busy pIace. Thank god! Here's oneHey Boy! What's the matteré Starting probIem.PIease check it once. Can't you hear meéCome and check it boy. Check the scooter. What's there to seeéIs it a heIicopteré

To watch in awe!Is it a scooteré Yuck! What's that arrogance! What eIseé This scooter companycIosed down before I was born. You can't get spares inoId junk shops aIso. I'II buy oId junk! He's the right man you need now. Won't you repair oId vehicIesé Look there. New bikes! Did you seeé Even ownershaven't touched it.

They are waitingfor my boss. My boss who repairsnew bikes onIy WiII you bring this junk toget repaired by himé How arrogant you areé Is your boss so greatnot to repair oId bikesé Who is your hitech mechanic bossé CaIIing informaIIy.Give respect to him. One more word against my boss,your body wiII get broke down. Got ité

You want to take chances.Look there. Do it fast. Why are you ina urgency madamé Hero wiII come at 3 P.M. onIy What do you think a race is boyé No brother.that's. Why are you stiII hereé Leave your bike hereand go away. My boss wiII come andsave my bike from you.

Take your hands of it. Is you touch the bike again. I'II teach you aII a Iesson.Let my boss come here. Look! My boss is here. Buddy! What's the probIemé Buddy! I came hereto watch cinema shoot. As the hero wiII be coming Iate, these stunt artistes provoked meto a bike race,

they cheated meand took my bike. Is your boss readyto race with usé I'm ready for anything. Where shaII we start our raceé Let's start from here andfinish it here. What's the beté Bike for bike! That's it. Give a good thought about it.You'II find yourseIf in a soup.

Premante Inthe 2006 HD Full Length Telugu Film Navdeep Poonam Bajwa Ramana BV

'Love! We are hearing thisword since eternity.' '.but still we don't getbored of this word.' 'Kids don't understand its meaning.' 'y outh isn't botheredto know its meaning.' 'The old people don't care forits meaning. That's the thing.' 'Most of the people you arewatching here are in a stage.' '.where they need to knowthe meaning of 'love''. 'Take any lovestory for instance.All are tragedies.'

'Devdas'. Majnu's. Romeo's.Poor fellows.' 'All of them drank liquoror poison and died.' 'Coming to liquor, if a personknows that it won't workout.' '.no one in this world woulddare to commit that sin.' 'But liquor and love! Thistheory doesn't hold true.' '.when it comes tothese two things.' 'People drink wine even afterknowing that it's sour.' '.and they love even after knowingthat they would fail.' 'Whyé'

'Answer's very simple.' 'Acquaintance, friendship, love!All these look similar.' 'Like short, skirt and midi. Butonly after wearing them.' '.one can spot the difference.lt's best if we fall in love.' '.with a girl from acquaintancevia friendship.' 'y ou didn't get me, did youéHow can you understand it.' '.when l didn't understand it!l'll explain it to you clearly.' 'lt's best when love is thefeeling which we get after.'

'.friendship which is forgedafter a long acquaintance.' 'This is even worse. lt won't work.' 'Ok, now consider this. Whenwe go to a shopping mall.' '.we see a shirt which we feellike buying immediately.' 'Among those thousands of shirts.' '.we have this kind of feelingonly for one shirt.' 'ln the same way we see thousandsof girls in life.' '.but we feel like wishingonly one girl.'

'We feel like stopping ather. Wellsaid, righté' 'But the problem is that l feelthat way 1015 times everyday.' 'l'm further confusing youéOk, there's a person.' '.who is more confusedthan me. Watch him out.' 'His good fortune is that evenhe doesn't know about it.' 'Lucky fellow!' 'l wonder how many lives heis going to play with.' ''lf there's a girl,then love her, dude.''

''lf she gives attitude,then overlook her, dude'' ''lf she wants to kiss you, thengo ahead and kiss her, dude.'' ''lf she slaps you, takeit easy, dude.'' ''Life is jollyjolly,keep it in mind.'' ''No comas and questions.Just learn from it.'' ''Forget your mistakesand march forward.'' '''Enjoy everything' isthe motto of life.'' ''Sunday or Monday! Enjoy!''

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