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How do I know if my site is right for windenergyé What is the right layout for my site's unique terrainé How can I maximize power productionéWill my project get financedé Will my investment pay off over timeé From sophisticated measurementand analysis, to accurate power projections, Black Veatch using cuttingedge data toolsfrom 3Tier and Windsim can help you explore the potential power of wind on your site. We will help you prioritize turbine locations,determine project scale and estimate power production over your plant's life cycle. Thisincludes during peak and off peak hours and normal climate cycles, ultimately helpingyou maximize production and efficiency.

Onsite, Black Veatch professionals optimizeyour collection campaign and ensure precise meteorological measurements. We are experiencedin the installation, maintenance and operation of industry proven met masts, as well as leadingtechnologies such as SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) and LIDAR (Light Detection andRanging) using the optimal combination of data collection methods means you will seea more accurate, detailed view of your site. We process and translate this data to provideyou with advanced analysis of location, elevation, wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, thermodynamicproperties, gross capacity, air density and sheer for each turbine in the provided layout.Due to normal climate cycles, the characteristics

of the wind will vary from year to year. Sowe use the observational data to tune a 30year meso scale weather simulation for the site.The simulation output helps us quantify with a high degree of certainty, how the projectwill perform over its lifetime. It is also used to inform site design. To optimize wind turbine placement, we modelthe meso scale of weather data using powerful simulators software based on computationalfluid dynamics. The software combines advanced numeric processing with compelling 3D visualizationin a userfriendly interactive interface. The proven, stateoftheart modeling takesinto account the most complicated terrain

to predict how air flows through a site. Armed with critical data and the best modelingtools, Black Veatch can predict the annual wind speed at your site more accurately, whichtranslates into a capacity factor and annual production estimate that you can rely on.From North America to South Africa, no matter the scale, scope, location or status of yourproject, Black Veatch will help you make informed investment decisions, ensuring theviability of your potential wind resource and maximizing your annual energy production. And as your wind project transitions fromplanning to engineering to installation, Black

Veatch possesses a full range of capabilitiesand services to help you along the way, including permitting, detailed design and construction.

US LNG exports Shaping Global Natural Gas Market

The 2014 strategic directions and the gasindustry has shown increased optimism for the volume of LNGexports we'll see from the US in August of this year 2014 the DOE introduced a new procedure by which they're actually putting theFERC or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions

environmental review ahead of the DOE's export licence approval process. What that does is that it levels theplaying field mainly for projects that were stuck atthe backup of the DOE's queue allows them to more aggressivelyapproach their environmental review with FERC and essentially move the projectforward faster. The DOE of course still has theobligation of protecting the domestic consumer here in the US andwill be looking to see if there are anydetrimental impact to the domestic

market and retains the right to constraint orrestrict export approval license if it if it senses that it can put the USconsumer at a disadvantage. International markets arevery enthusiastic about US LNG exports because they're hopingthat the US gas resources can facilitategreater parity in international gas prices and ofcourse geopolitics as well as their impact on gas priceswill affect the ultimate prospects

for LNG exports the other key variable is climate changein the move towards more natural gas as well as more renewable resources I think they're going toimpact the ultimate demand for LNG as well as prices. At Black Veatch we think that there's increasingrecognition in the industry that LNG export projects are real and you know frankly we think theindustry's catching up to

the forecast that we had on LNG exportvolumes. good.

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