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Bv Rules

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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5 rules to smart business card etiquette Personality Development Tutorial

Hey friends it's me Niharika and welcometo Skillopedia. The place to learn skills for the real world. Well, recently I attendeda conference and I met many professionals from different organizations. And guess whatéI was amazed to see the way these people handed out their business cards, so unprofessional.Well, yes there is something as Business card Etiquette and that's what we are gonna learnin today's session, because one wrong move can jeopardize your professional image, sowhy to mess it up. In this session you will learn some tips to give out your businesscards professionally. The very first thing that you need to keep in mind, when it comes to business card etiquette is stop giving

excuses. It is so unprofessional when youend up telling the other person that, Ooops! I forgot the card or you end up saying that,it's gone for printing or that was the last one that I had with me, so unprofessional.Always make sure to carry your cards before leaving your house or your workplace. Andnot just few of them plenty of them. Because business card etiquette dictates you to carryyour cards even when there's little chance of someone asking you for them. So make sureto carry your cards always. The second important point that you need to keep in mind is keep your card safe. When I say that keep your card safe, it means that you need to protectyour card in all the wear and tear by keeping

them in a business card case. Now imagineif someone gives you a card which is totally crumpled, something like this, okay here ismy card for you, it's so crumpled. Is that professionalé Definitely not, gives such abad impression. Would you like to receive a crumpled cardé No, so you have to make sureto protect your cards well. Also you should always know that where are your cards kept,so someone asks you for your card and imagine yourself searching for it in every pocket.Well, where is the cardé Oh is it hereé Let me see is it hereé That makes no sense; youcan't have the other person waiting for you, while you are searching for the card.You should know where you have kept your cards.

And it's important for you to get a businesscard case and keep your cards safely. The next thing that you need to keep in mind,when it comes to business card etiquette is do not distribute. When I say do not distribute,it means that do not distribute your business cards like the way you would distribute sweetson your birthday. Well, your card has some value. You cannot distribute it like somebusiness flyer; it's your professional image that shows on your business card. So justbecause you are attending a business event, doesn't mean that you keep giving your cardsto every person that you meet. That is so unprofessional. Always give it when you'reasked for, especially when you are having

a conversation with a senior. Let that seniorperson initiate the exchange of cards, so let that senior person ask you for your cardand then you can go ahead and hand it out to him or her. Now if you are the person,who is interested in contacting the person that you are chatting with, then you can goahead and ask for their cards. But please do make sure that do not distribute your cards everywhere. It's time for the next thing. The way you give your card and the way youreceive someone's card. So someone asks you for a card at a business event, how wouldyou give the cardé You use your right hand.

The hand of discretion. Now someone is askingfor the card, this is the way you will give him or her your card with your right hand,so this is my card for you. Now there's another way of giving out the card. You canuse both your hands. In order to show respect or if you are giving out your card to a seniorperson then you can use both your hands to give the card. Something like this, here'smy card for you. I'm using both my hands, so either you can use your right hand or youcan use both your hands in order to show respect, when you are giving your business card. Anotherthing that you need to make a note of is when you are giving your card make sure to giveit in such a way that the person who's receiving

English Grammar in Use Past Continuous

Hi. Welcome to English Grammar in Use. Short tutorials from Cambridge University Press to help you improve your English. My name is Anna and today I'm going to be looking at thepast continuous. We use the past continuous when we want to talk about an action in the past

at a certain time. An action that had started but not finished. Let's look at an example. Yesterday, Karen and Jim played tennis. They started at ten o'clock and finished at eleven thirty.

So, at ten thirty they were playing tennis. They 'were playing' means they were in the middle of playing. They hadn't finished playing. 'Was' or 'were'

plus a verb with 'i n g' is the past continuous. For example: I was playing she was doing you were working and so on.

I was doing something means that I was in the middle of doingsomething at a certain time. The action, or situation, had already started before this time but hadn't finished. For example: This time last year

I was living in Brazil. What were you doing at ten o'clock lastnighté Let's compare the past continuous and the past simple. Remember, the past continuous is 'I was doing' and the past simple is

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