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As a family another very common complain that we seem to get is a very common Yeast infection a lot of times the women would come to,come to the practice and complain of having a Yeast Infectionwhich is really a very common term and perhaps need to spendsome time to talk a lit bit about this very commonYeast Infection whenever a female has a vagina

discharge very very often thisdischarge is automatically referred to as a Yeast Infection and I would say most, most visits to the family is for this socalled Yeast Infection it turns out that very often it may not be a yeast infection per saybecause a yeast infection tend to be of a specific nature and I couldprobably just spend some time to just try

outline what, what a common yeast infection is usually if is a yeast infection, there isa discharge but the type of discharge is what makesa difference. The discharge tend to be white and somewhatcreamy and is associated with vaginal itching. Sometimes on the outside of the vagina or, or sometimes even, even within and that is the usual classic yeast infection.

However sometimes there is a vaginaldischarge and, and is just I mean in a blanket way is referredto as yeast. But when a discharge is, is more watery is, is yellow perhaps in colour and as a mal odour are a very bad odour. That is notusually a yeast infection. So you have differenttypes of vaginal discharged. And it would, it would be results fromvarious different

other, other causes. Which wouldneed a totally different approach in terms of, in terms of treatment. The the concern I suppose is to know which infection is sexually transmitted andwhich is not. Or which are the dangerously, are the dangeroussexually transmitted infections that most women would, would perhaps notwant to, to get. Of course you know these are thingslike gonorrhoea

or trichomoniasis or even chlamydia. These infections tend to be not as obvious as the common yeast infection youtend to have more of a yellow discharge. And you may or may not have an odourassociated with those infections One comment as well in the case of men, the male who has a yeast,because they can also have a yeast infection as well. However often what you'd find is that the tip ofthe penis or what we call the glands

How to Safely Lighten or Bleach Vagina Anus Expert Safety Tips

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour MedSpa! And today, I'm going to make a little demonstration on how to do skin lighteningin your private parts. So many of you that are emailed me or called me or purchased theproduct. There's hundreds of you that for some reason either I don't speak clearly,I can't understand why because I think I speak clearly in English when I explain and thenI write out everything about the way that the lightening treatment should be used onyour private parts but I still get questions or people still ask me what I say not to do,yes to do. So I got a little mannequin that I will try to do my best to show you whereyou are supposed to use the Mandelic Acid

lightening treatment, and where you are notsupposed to use it. So, um, I got a mannequin, a little mannequin here and I'm going to showyou, I'm going to show you actually how to, how to apply and what to do, so this actuallyis a, a, should be actually this should be the tush. And I don't know okay, and I assumeyou can see, so this is the tush, this should be the anus. And this should be the vaginaso I will start, I will start here. Guys. And I, I don't know how much you can see.But here is when I'm talking about skin lightening so for women so for men. I am saying thatyou lighten here, on the outside, you lighten on the outer lip of your vagina. So the outerlip in here on the thigh cause this would

be the thigh, okay. And I specify you do notlighten inside the vagina. So this would be inside the vagina, you don't put the lighteningtreatment inside the vagina. You put it on the outside so it would be the outside ofyour vagina, the line inside. Between your leg and your vagina and you and your thighs.That's how you would do it if you want to lighten your private areas, now, if we aretalking about your anus, about your tush, okay. So let's say that this is your tushand I actually not even sure that I see this correctly but hold on a minute. I'm not sureif you guys can see because I have a glare, so I'm not sure, however, however here herehere is, here is the tush. So these are the

butt cheeks. So, for those of you who wantto lighten the skin, around your butt. Or around your anus. And a lot of people wantto do it. You can lighten so you can lighten all this the line here, can you seeƩ So goinghere, this line. You can lighten all this, you can lighten all this. You can lightenaround the anus, around but not inside the anus. You don't put anything inside. You don'tput any of the Mandelic inside. You do it around. Maybe you will see better this way.You do it around the anus. Around the sphincter, but you don't do inside the sphincter, notinside the hole. You can do all the way here, all the way here, you can do all the way upthere line, you can do the tush. You can do

the tush here. But you cannot do not insideyour anus, and not inside the vagina. Nothing, not inside the vagina. You cannot do eitheror. As you try to do either or, and you will regret it. So when you do vaginal lightening.When you do anal lightening. You lighten on the outside, on the outside, exactly how Ishowed you. You start with five minutes, six minutes, seven minutes. When you apply theMandelic Acid. The instructions are there. You follow the instructions to the T. Butremember, it doesn't happen over night. It doesn't happen, hocuspocus. It didn't getdark overnight. And please, remember, all of you out there. That have darker pigmentationor discoloration between your legs. Around

your vagina. And you are originally ethnicallydarker. So if you are black, Hispanic, Indian, understand Filipino for instance. understandthat when you give birth, there changes the anatomical changes, the hormonal changes.So the area will become darker. And you cannot change everything. You can, you cannot makeit pink. You cannot make it white. You cannot make it totally light. You can improve. Youcan make it lighter. You can improve some of the discoloration. But physically, thevaginal lips. you can't change the color of your vaginal lips internally. You can onlychange, as I showed, on the outside, not on the inside. Inside the vagina, let it be.It is what it is. Accept it. There's no problem

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