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This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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XVR 2013 Whats NEW

Hi, thank you for watching the XVR 2013 release tutorial. This tutorial presents some of the new featuresnow available in XVR, to make your virtual trainings even more immersive andeffective while keeping it easy to use. The ESemble product management andproduction teams have again brought XVR to a fantastic new level without losingsight of our core principles. XVR should be: stable, flexible and userfriendly. XVR 2013 maintains the support of the quick creation of scenarios with superb visual quality;

and now also provides a functionality tobuild highly interactive training scenarios. During the development of this release,we focussed on simplifying the way scenarios are built. With the new features, our users will beable to build scenarios faster and more intuitively. The result is a reduced workload for the operatorduring training sessions and assessments. The following tools will help to achievethis. Building a scenario is all about findingthe right combination of objects.

The object library is already equipped with toolsto easily find your objects, but not all objects are relevant for thetype of scenarios you would want to build. We added the ability to customise whatobjects will be displayed in the library. By only showing you the relevant objects, you will get a cleaner and customised library with onlythe items you would want to use. Objects have a lot of functionality andsometimes you want to be able to quickly switch between them.

In this new version, you are able tosave the configuration of an object into a state. Objects can have several states, all representing a differentconfiguration of the object. States will also work on a group of objects. The biggest benefit is that the statesare saved with the object into the object library. This way you can reuse the object

and its states in every scenario you build.Scenarios you build contain objects that can be used over and over again; or you might have built a complex group ofobjects, which could be used in other scenarios. Saving this object or group will allow you to place them in otherscenarios with exactly the same options. You will save time and it speeds up thebuilding process. The new smart smoke object can easily beplaced inside a building and automatically fits itself into the room dimensions.

This new feature allows you to quickly fill a building with smoke. The new event feature can be used toprepare a combination of actions into one event. Working with events will help you toincrease the dynamics of your scenario and allows you to focus on otherimportant operating tasks. The dynamics and the extra attention of theoperator are ingredients for a better immersion of thestudent.

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