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My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Fish

My vaginal discharge smells like fish. I'm assuming this couldn't possibly bedue to a messy fish and chips dinner. No, way more intimate than someone constantlyspilling dinner in my lap. Then the most likely cause is due to an infection. I don't think I have a social disease. Well,I hope I don't have a sexual disease. If you have bacterial vaginosis caused bythe overgrowth of bacteria naturally down there, you can end up with a fishy odor. How could I have developed thaté

So much douching to remove any odor that youstripped away healthy bacteria, leaving the bad ones a fertile playground. If you said that about my digestive tract,the solution would be probiotics. If you have that type of discharge, you cantreat it by eating yogurt and hoping that circulates through your system to the vagina.Or you can take the direct route and put yogurt up there. That's as embarrassing to admit as a coloncleanse. You know that it is bacterial overgrowth ifit is worse after you have sex or if you're

suffering a UTI too. I don't see how a UTI could cause this. If you're wiping back to front, the poopbacteria that get into the urinary tract and cause a UTI will cause vaginosis too. What's a reason that doesn't have to dowith a playground being between two sewersé A fishy odor accompanied by a green dischargemeans you have trichomoniasis. It is sometimes called just trich, pronounced trick. *That I've heard of, but I don't knowanything about it.

Trichomoniasis is a protozoan infection, andit causes a sour or fishy smell. Then trich is a sexual disease. Yes, and they can cure it with antibiotics. What else could it beé If it smells like rotted meat down there,you may have forgotten a tampon. That's what can cause toxic shock syndrome. Yes, and rotted fish smells means you havethe vaginosis or severe yeast infection, plus the bacteria that can cause toxic shock syndrome.

Anything on that list necessitates gettingto a , and after which, only using ultrathick maxi pads. If the vaginal discharge smells bad and lookslike curds, you have a yeast infection. It is also more likely if the itching is bad,skin is red and it hurts when you pee or have sex. At least that I can treat with stuff fromthe store. And any other cause requires talking to a, yogurt or not.

Metcal Fume Extractor BVX201 and BVX203

Hi! This is Toby from HMC Electronics. We'regoing to be taking a look at Metcal's fume extraction unit, the BVX201. The BVX201 system is a dual operator baseunit designed for the extraction of solder fumes, and incorporates in its design botha pre and main filter. These filters can be changed independently of each other tomaximize working life. The prefilter might be changed out at a threeor four month interval, while it is not uncommon for the main filter to last anywhere fromsix months to as long as eight to twelve months. The main filter has a HEPA efficiency greaterthan 99.95%, plus it has an integrated active

carbon filter to remove additional gasses,as well as their odors. Typically the BVX201 is ideal for applicationsthat require high capacity of fumes that come from a soldering application. The unit is also available in a BVX203 version,which we see being used adhesive applications. It uses a gas filter, rather than your typicalHEPA filter. As I mentioned before, the BVX201 is a dualoperator unit. If you only have use for one of the ports, it actually does come with acap that has a damper in it as well, so you can control airflow. If there is too much(air flow) when you block this off completely,

you can simply open up that baffle and itwill lower the suction on the arm that you are using. Let's take a look at the filter on this unit.A very simple swap out. There's one also in the back; take that one off; the cover. Andhere is what appears to be one filter, but it's not actually. It's your main HEPA filtrationunit, and then your prefilter. Prefilters are a fraction of the cost ofHEPA filters. Replace your prefilters on a regular basis, and you can prolong the lifeof your HEPA filter. Again, it all depends on how many hours of the day that you're workingwith the unit on, the amount of solder fumes

and things like that. But a general rule ofthumb is about three months on a prefilter; about six to as long as twelve months on aHEPA filter. Interesting feature that Metcal added to thissystem. You cannot accidentally run it without installing the filter. This little switchright here, when you've install your filterobviously it's depressedif somehow, someway you accidentallyforgot to replace your filter, you wouldn't be able to power up the unit. A lot of damagecan be done to the unit if you ran it without any filtration because all those nasty fumeswould be going straight into the motor. So a very nice addition. This is the only companythat I've seen have this filter on their fume

extraction unit. Fume extraction units go under your bench.In this instance it's sitting on our bench, so turning it on and off is not a problem.But in regular operator use, the unit would go under your bench, you'd have the hosescoming up onto your bench, and then in the morning or at the end of the day you shutoff your unit by climbing under your deskwhich, if your desk is anything like mine, it's verydusty and dirty under there. So this is what our friends at Metcal came up with, a remoteswitch. Very, very simple. Have this sitting on top of your desk when your unit is underneath,and you can actually power up the unitand

there you gowithout climbing underneathyour bench. I just think it's such a great little edition to the unit. Again, I don'tknow of any other company at this price point that has this little remote switch, but it'sa great idea. The BVX201 does have an awful lot of suction,150 CFM. So it's pulling a lot of air through for its filtration. All fume extractors makenoise. This one is rated at 55 decibels, which is essentially a few decibels lower than whatyou're going to see as the industry standard; 59, 58, 60. It's going to go below your bench,so that acts as a natural dampening. But I will say that as far as things go with regardsto your suction, your filtration, and your

ASMR Eng subX LIO X YAME CollaborationDrunken girlfriend

Why don't you answer the phone continuallyé I made a lot of calls. No, I didn't drink. Did you drinké I'm sober. Well, why are you sleepingé Don't you want to see meé Reallyé But why didn't you catch my callé

I made a great number of calls. Whaté What did you say nowé Playedé Whoé Who did you play withé Do you have an affairé You've just said you played with somebodyé

Oh, is ité Reallyé I thought you played with another girl I want to see you. Come here to pick me up. You mean I told a lieé Whené I didn't tell a lie.

I totally say only truth. What's thaté Why is the name Chamiseul. I prefer Jamongiseul to Chamiseul. yes, I drank with Mimi. I was going home, I got a phone call from Mimi, she told me she broke up with his boyfriend. Are you angryé

You mean I drank with a guyé No. I don't have a guy. Why do I drink with another guyé I really drank with Mimi. Are you doubting me nowé I don't have any other guy. Only man I have is you. No, I'm innocent.

I really loved only you. Really. Really, really, really. Kiss me. Hmm, then won't you kiss meé Your call has been forwarded to automatic voice message system. After tone please leave message. Your call has been forwarded to automatic. Your call has been forwarded . Your call has been forwar.

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