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5 Rules For Men Wearing Rings Ring Symbolism Significance

0:00:00Gentlemen, Antonio here. All right. Today, I'm going to talk aboutthe five rules that men can follow to make sure that they wear a ring properly. Manyof you guys, you're perhaps getting a family heirloom, maybe you just graduated from collegeand you want to wear your class ring, perhaps you're about to get married and you'venever worn a ring before and you're wondering how is this going to fit into my wardrobe.Gentlemen, these rules are for you and once you understand them, you can bend them, youcan break them, you can use them as you wish. Now, let me just start off really quick withmy wedding ring. I wear it on my right hand

and it is the number one question I get onYouTube comments. I have people go to my contact form they're like, “Antonio, do you flipyour tutorialsé Why are you wearing it on your right hand, you know, what's the reasonbehind itéâ€� The story is in 2004, I married my wife in Kiev, Ukraine in Ukrainian OrthodoxChurch and for yearandahalf wore it on my right hand. Came to the United States andit was until – I didn't even think about it really until people at my MBA program askedme, “Antonio, why do you do thaté Why do you thisé And it's kind of funny, now, Ienjoy it as conversation starter, I know my why. Gentlemen, use these five rules so thatyou can send a statement so that you can enjoy

wearing your rings. All rightéSo, rule number one is understand that any ring you wear is going to send a meaning whetherit'd be engagement, whether it'd be wedding, whether it'd be affiliation, whether it'dbe a sign of wealth. And, yes, historically rings were worn to show wealth and your positionin society. Understand that every ring you decide to wear on your hand because of itsprominent place on your hands people will see it people will make a judgment.Now, if you're out interviewing and you like to wear a lot of rings, maybe one that,you know, you end up looking like a mafia godfather. Understand that if you're interviewingin a conservative industry, the person interviewing

you may not say anything, but you're basicallyat the mercy of their judgment and their personal beliefs. And that's the thing with ringsis you've got to understand everyone's got an opinion about them, most people hopefullyare openminded, but many people are going to have their prejudices their stereotypesand they may pigeonhole you into that. So, understand rings send a message, understandwhat yours are sending. Point number two, have confidence. In anyring you're going to wear make sure you wear it with confidence. So, you're goingto be wearing maybe a family crest. It's been handed down to you, understand the history,understand how you can wear it effectively

and then do so. So, family crest actuallytraditionally worn on the index finger, you can wear them on the ring finger if you'renot married, you can wear them over on your right hand. And today, I'm not going toget into hand sides. Guys, I've got a support article here, I'm going to go into moredetail on that particular subject, so go check it out.But, guys remember wear it with confidence. You may be asking me, “Antonio how do Ido thaté I've never worn a ring before. I'm in a conservative, you know, maybe partof the world.â€� Okay. So, start wearing it for yourself initially and then, wear it aroundfriends and family. Maybe it could be a class

ring that you're just not used to wearingyou're about to graduate let's say from Annapolis at the Naval Academy there. And,so start wearing it around your friends, wear it in an environment where it's going tobe accepted and then, you could start to wear it out. The key with wearing a ring especiallyone that goes beyond wedding rings is to wear it with confidence and then it becomes a conversationstarter. Now, that takes us to rule number three whichis basically proportion. So, pay attention if you have large hands, you can wear largerings. Smaller rings are going to look a little bit off on you, but if you have smaller hands,you're going to want to avoid overly sized

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