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Bvs Zonder Make Up

Models Without Makeup

A lot of people think thatmodels wear makeup all the time but as a matter of fact,when you go to the castings or jobs people always ask you to have absolutely no makeup on. Today my makeup lookis a brown smokey eye, a nude lip, and some shimmer on my cheeks. I'm wearing a natural, softlook but with a strong brow. Cat eyes, couple shadow,

and metallic lipstick. I'm wearing a reallygrungey, rock chic makeup, really dark eye. Clean skin, bold brows, slightcontouring, and a bold lip. Vasilisa A lot of people, in fact, think that we're not real people. Also people don't realizethat there's a huge team behind that picture.

It may be up to 20 people on set and I'm just talking about photo shoot. The show, could be a hundred, so it's a big process andit's not only up to me. It's thanks to all thesepeople who are so talented. So yeah, there is a big work behind all of these pretty pictures. Britt A hard thing inthis industry is comparison

but really it can apply to everyone, especially this day andage with social media being what it is, a lot ofgirls get skinny shamed. Some girls are naturally skinny. You just have to rememberthat everyone's different. Maria People alwaysthink I'm so skinny and tall. They think, like, Idon't have pimples, I do. When I grow up, my mom says that

it's not makeup who makes you beautiful, but what is inside. From modeling, I start to learn English, talking with people andI enjoy every second. Anastasiia They allthinking that modeling life, you wearing all these amazing clothes, champagne all the time. For some of the girls, it'slike this but not for everyone.

You waking up around six,seven o'clock in the morning. You have to be at work already and then you shooting all day and then you going home. Some of the girls are working out, some of the girls just, you know, like to spend theirtime with the families. Yeah, that's basically the daily honestly.

If Disney Princesses Wore Realistic Makeup

This iswhat it would be like if Disney princesses wore realistic makeup. Aurora would have someseriously clumpy mascara and raccoon eyes after sleeping that long. Note the dried drool as well. Had Mulan really triedto wipe her makeup off in two swipes with her sleeve, it wouldn't have been that simple.

Even Ariel's waterproof mascara would have been no match fora lifetime under water. And her hair wouldn'thave been camera ready. Belle's magenta lip glosswould have smeared everywhere after making out with the Beast. He would have ended up wearing it too. Jasmine's liquid eyeliner, after a windy, tearinducing magic carpet ride,

may have moved a bit. And again, her hair wouldn't have been cameraready. And Princess Tiana's makeup definitely wouldn't have been this perfect after. oh, wait, it's her wedding day. Yes, yes, it would have. Bridal makeup artist magic.

(smooth electronic music) (whoosh, creak).

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