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Can Bv Spread To The Mouth

Dental Health How to Cure Persistent Mouth Ulcers

Do you have consistent mouth ulcers that youtry to get rid ofé Well, my name's Michelle, and I'm with Solutionz. I'm a Dental Assistant,and I'm going to explain to you on how you can cure your persistent mouth ulcers. Oneof the great ways and remedies and methods is rinsing with warm salt water rinses. Thatwill, if you continuously do that at least once to twice a day; one in the morning, oneat night, before you eat, after you eat, that will help prevent the consistent mouth ulcersthat you may have. Also too, rinsing or brushing with hydrogen peroxide; that's also a greatway on how to cure persistent mouth ulcers. You mainly do want, if you're continuouslygetting mouth ulcers, you're definitely going

to want to go and see your general dentist.There is something maybe that he would be able to prescribe to you that you would notbe able to purchase overthecounter. You might actually need to take a medication forit. A way that wide mouth ulcers, how they become effective in your mouth is from stress,a vitamin deficiency. So, if you continuously take vitamins; like a multivitamin, vitaminC; the acid in the vitamin C will clear out any mouth ulcers that you may have. But mainly,you do want to visit your general dentist, so therefore, he'd maybe prescribe you a medicationthat would clear up those consistent mouth ulcers. Once again, my name's Michelle, andI just explained to you on how you can cure

persistent mouth ulcers.

What You Need to Know About Chlamydia

gt;gt; Rachel Gorwitz: Hello,I am Rachel Gorwitz, Medical Officer in the Divisionof STD Prevention at the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention. Although most Chlamydia casesreported are among teens and young adults, any sexuallyactive person can get this sexually transmitteddisease or STD. In fact, CDC estimates thereare nearly 3 million new cases of Chlamydia each year.

People get Chlamydia byhaving vaginal, anal, or oral sex withsomeone who has this STD. Most people withChlamydia have no symptoms which is why the infectionoften goes undiagnosed. If symptoms occur, theymay not appear until weeks after having sex withsomeone who is infected. Women with Chlamydia may havean abnormal vaginal discharge or burning sensationwhen urinating.

Men with Chlamydia may havea discharge from the penis or a burning sensationwhen urinating. Even when a chlamydial infectiondoes not cause symptoms, if left untreated it can go on to cause pelvic inflammatorydisease, chronic pelvic pain or make it difficultor impossible for a woman to get pregnant. CDC recommends thatsexually active women

under age 26 be testedfor Chlamydia every year. It is important forboth men and women to discuss their sexualhistory with their physician to determine if they shouldbe tested for Chlamydia. Chlamydia can be cured easilywith antibiotics prescribed by a healthcare provider. Even after treatment thougha person can be reinfected if they have sex withsomeone who has Chlamydia.

So it's important that sexpartners are also treated. Learn more about Chlamydia andother STDs at cdc.govSTD.

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