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Can You Get A Bacterial Infection From Hot Tubs

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Hello, I'm Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Hot tubs are great places for relaxation,massages, skin infections… Yes you heard right I said skin infections. Usuallythat doesn't happen if the water is properly treated to control bacteriabut by definition hot tubs have hot water and hot water is a great breedingground for certain germs like pseudomonas, which is a bacteria thatcauses a lot of infections that

are associated with water exposure. Now normallythat water is treated with chlorine or bromine to kill the bacteria sothese things can't occur but if the waters not adequately treated and if itallows the bacteria to grow then you can get a skin infection. Those infectionsusually have little red bumps or even little red pus pimples on yourskin especially your skin which is exposed to the jets of water that'sstreaming against your skin because that actually drives the bacteriaright into the pores or hair follicles. When there's bacteria in thewater, often a lot of people in

that same hot tub are going to get the infectionand that's one of the tips off's to where the infection came from,when a lot of people get the infection at the same time. Fortunately, it'seasy to treat with a topical antibiotic and even if you don't treatit, it usually goes away in two or three days. But even easier than treatingit, is preventing it. So the next time you're going into a hot tub, checkwith your host or whoever's controlling or maintaining the hot tub andjust check to make sure that, that day they measured that the levels ofchlorine or bromine are adequate

so there's no bacteria growing in your hottub.

Folliculitis Treatment Guide and Advice

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