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Can You Get A Bacterial Infection From The Ocean

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Flesh Eating Bacteria On Florida Beaches

Spending some time swimming in warm oceanwaters this summeré You could be bathing in a sea of flesh eating bacteria. Hey I'm Carin for DNews and today I'vegot a warning for folks hitting the beach in any of the Gulf Coast states. The healthdepartment in Sarasota, Florida has confirmed that infection by the bacterium Vibrio vulnificusis responsible for at least one recent death there. In fact, it's responsible for 10deaths so far this year. According to a study in the journal al Infectious Diseases100 people are infected each year, resulting in approximately 50 deaths. This bacteriumis particularly harmful because it can infect

us in two different ways. First, we can contractit by eating raw or undercooked seafood like oysters, and second, it can invade our bodiesthrough preexisting lesions cuts, scrapes, blisters. Once you get infected, you will feel the symptomsright away and they are violent. If ingested, the bacterium causes severe stomach ache,vomiting, diarhhea and septicemia a lifethreatening condition that worsens extremely quickly.If the Vibrio bacteria are contracted through a skin lesion, wound infection can cause tissuebreakdown, resulting in large disfiguring ulcers that require skin grafts or even limbamputation. In both cases immediate treatment

with antibiotics is critical, patients nottreated for 3 days after being infected have a death rate of 100%. Now, why isn't the world in a mass panicover this deadly bacteriaé Well, it's actually a normal part of the microbial communitiesin most tropical coastal waters. But having skin lesions puts you at a much greater riskof contracting an infection. If you have an open sore of any kind, it's not a greatidea to go swimming in Sarasota right now. If you do have a cut or you get one from asharp coral or sea urchin spine disinfect it right away! And, if you're a connoisseurof raw oysters, it may be a good idea to focus

on ones from cooler Northern climates. Vigilanceis key in preventing an infection by this bacteria. In addition, experts note that thosewith compromised immune systems and notably with liver disease, are much more likely tocontract an infection than healthy individuals. What makes the bacteria so lethal is a toxinlocated in its cell walls. It's called a lipopolysaccharide or LPS, and interestingly,females are protected against its effects by the production of estrogen. Almost allreported cases of infection by Vibrio bacteria are in males, not females. Studies lookingat the effects of LPS done in rats showed a rapid death rate for males but not females;however, when females had their ovaries removed

both sexes exhibited the same death rates.In addition to the LPS, the bacteria contain a number of other compounds that facilitateits virulence and infection rate, including numerous tissue degrading enzymes. Vibrio bacteria are especially virulent inthe warm summer months, they actually go into a more dormant state when water temperaturesare cooler. Because they thrive in warm waters, overall increases in ocean temperatures dueto global warming means that their ranges are expanding. As temperatures continue toclimb, scientists expect a parallel increase in death rate caused by Vibriorelated infections.

Do you think that risk of a potentially deadlybacteria will keep you out of the wateré Let us know in the comments below and keep comingback for more DNews every day of the week.

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