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Can You Get Bv From Sperm

ScienceGate Can Cell Phone Radiation damage your Sperm cells

Oh look, The Young Turks have found a newstudy again. And as usual, they did not care to provideus with a link to the actual study. Instead we're getting linked to a New Zealandnewspaper, who links the story to an article in the Daily Mail, where the trail ends. And this is again very typical. It's what I call the digestive system of sciencejournalism: a scientific journal publishes an article and science bloggers like me startto write about it, of course giving full credit to the study.

Then some smaller newspapers copy from thescience bloggers, but instead of linking to the study, they link to the science blogs. After that, a journalist working for a bignewspaper reads from them and decides to make a big story out of it, not giving credit toanyone because fuck those bloggers and smaller newspapers. This of course notifies all other big newspapersto copy from them, and to link to their article, which is very lucrative for that one newspaperwho „originally“ came up with the story. And once everybody has written about it, thenThe Young Turks make a tutorial.

The usual time of passage for these kindsof scientific news varies between 14 days and 6 months, and as with real digestion,the further down you go, the less does what you see resemble what you initally put in,and the faster the passage, the thinner the shit we get at the end. That being said, it was fucking difficultfor me to find the original study this story is based upon, but I eventually got it, link'sin the description. So let's see what does actually stand insidethe paper, and what The Young Turks have made out of it.

Actually the paper you are talking about isnot a metaanalysis. It's a review. The authors merely summarize the results from27 different studies that all have different designs, methods and outcomes, but they didnot conduct any further statistical analyses. Wrong again, or at least highly misleading. What you have just said implies that in those21 studies, the researchers tested whether men who keep their cell phone close to theirtesticles decrease their sperm count. In fact, most of these studies did not involvecell phones or human testicles at all.

For example, what some of the 27 (!) studiesincluded in the review did was to take a sperm sample and expose that sample to radiationthat is similar to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones for a longer timespan,and indeed, after the exposure, the sperm samples had a decreased motility, vitality,and a higher rate of DNA damage compared to samples that were not exposed. Other studies used rats or mice and studiedthe effects of this radiation to their reproductive system. However, this cannot be easily transferredto a man putting a cellphone into his pocket.

First of all, a sperm sample cannot be comparedto sperm that are inside the.well, the man, since the skin and whatever else is insidehis testicles take a lot of the radiation away. And these tissues are a lot less sensitivethen sperm cells, so don't worry, he's not gonna develop testicular cancer. Secondly, the amount of radiation was notcomparable to cell phones, as in all but one of these studies, the sperm samples were exposedfor at least 60 minutes, sometimes hours on end, with radiation that is comparable toa cell phone on talk mode.

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Chlorine

My vaginal discharge smells like chlorine. Are you sure you just aren't overbleachingyour laundryé No, this problem remains whether I wear tidywhities or not. It can take on a chemical smell if you'veused a lot of condoms. That's called safe sex. It can take on a chlorinelike smell whenyou've used some types of lubricants in addition to a condom. Then I don't need to be worried about thesmell if it can be traced to some intimate

activities. Some guys' semen smells like bleach or afaint sugary smell. Condom use pretty much precludes that cause. Now if it smells metallic, that is a signblood is mixed with the vaginal fluids. If I had my period, I'd notice the blood. Blood has more of a copper smell, but if there'san infection like something with lesions and a tinny smell, you could have an STD causingthe off smell. I know fresh blood when it isn't the righttime for it is a problem.

And your period is usually dark red or brownby the time it shows up. But it won't have a chemical smell, justmean I need to use real chlorine bleach to clean up. Your body has a natural pH of 7.4. That's a little alkaline. Yes, since it is higher than 7. Conversely,bleach has a very high pH. Yeah, around 12, but your vagina usually putsout an acidic discharge. The vagina's normal pH is between 3.8 and4.5. If you have vaginosis or some sexually

transmitted disease, the pH can go higherthan 4.5. Then the bleachy smell isn't because theoutput is becoming alkaline. No, but an STD can alter its pH and smell,and when your brain doesn't know what it is, it assigns the first chemical that isanything close. If my biochemistry has altered that much,I have a problem. It isn't an alkaline diet; any diet thatalters your biochemistry that much will kill you. However, an STD could alter the chemistrydown there enough to take on a chemical or acidic smell.

What if I said it smells like ammoniaé Then I would say it is vaginosis due to bacterialgrowth, though it could be due to excessive sweating or dehydration and concentrated urinetoo. And I could end up blaming a urinary leak. Or just sweating a lot in tight pants whiledrinking caffeine and energy drinks instead of water. But at least that's somethingyou can fix by taking a long hot bath to relax.

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