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Can You Give Bv To A Man

Sesame Street Elmos World Birthdays

MUSIC PLAYING ELMO: SINGING La la la. La la la. Elmo's World. La la la. La la la. Elmo's World. Elmo loves his goldfish.

His crayon, too. INAUDIBLE LAUGHING ELMO: SINGINGThat's Elmo's World. ELMO: Dorothy. Dorothy.

Dorothy. Oh, oh. Oh, hi! Welcome to Elmo's World. Elmo's so happy to see you. Oh, and so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy. LAUGHING

So, guess what Elmo'sthinking about today. SINGING Yatatada. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. ELMO: Did you guess yeté HUMMING GASPING Uh oh.

You know INAUDIBLEThat's right. Birthdays. LAUGHING MUSIC PLAYING And guess what! Today is Dorothy's birthday.

Yay, Dorothy! Yay, Dorothy! Happy Birthday, Dorothy. Oh, and Dorothy's beenthinking about birthdays and has a birthday question. Oh, good ahead, Dorothy. Oh, OK. OK.

How Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Should Have Ended

Why did you say that nameé It's his mother's name! Wait, your mom's name is Marthaé Yes. That's so wild, my mom's name is Martha. Oh, no way! What are the oddsé Who knows. Well this changes everything. You wanna like hang outé Go get some coffeeé Well that was a really sudden change in attitude. But yea sure.

I actually don't have a lot of friends. Sweet, I know just the place. Sooo. what's upé We should probably go save my mother now. Oh yea! I totally forgot. We'll come back later. You need to get everyone out of the building now! OH, you THINKé!é

Yes! You think that's a good idea, Mr. Wayneé Yes, that's why I'm calling. I mean, I was gonna stay here and work but since you've given us the go ahead, I'll start to respect the fact that aliens are attacking the city and it might now be safe up here. Holy cow, what is your dealé Pl please don't. Please stop that.

Cherryé Please stop. stop. Please, please stop. So can I have all those things I asked foré Uh no, I don't have that kind of clearance. I'm just a senator. Excuse me, you've stolen something that doesn't belong to you. Who are youé Are you saying you want to know my secret identityé

Hehe I'M Batman! Clears throat I mean, (cough) maybe. Tell me. do you have insuranceé You better. Well technically, you hit me. Also, I just saw you murder a bunch of people so. I'm kind of gonna have to take you in.

Oh, well then. Like a good butler, Alfred is there. I've got you master Wayne. Whaté!é Only by working together, can we. (gasp) Dang it! This man has a bomb in his chair.

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