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Can You Pass Bv To Your Male Partner

Vaginosis Home Remedies Health Tone Tips

Home Remedies for Vaginosis, apple cider vinegar for a couple apple cider vinegar in atelephone wire soak your vagina in water mixed withapple cider vinegar for about 1520 minutes as it helps in killing the harmful bacteria andremoving the infection any Greek fenugreek is highly beneficialfor treating bacterial vaginosis it will help improve the pH level in thevagina and boost the immune system to speed up the healing process

drink this water the next morning on anempty stomach fenugreek helps in maintaining thehormonal balance in regulating the menstrual cycle yellow card tippit n pun in plain yogurtand inserted in your vagina to get rid of bacterial infection yogurt contains natural bacteria whichhelp to balance the pH level up the vagina while eliminating the infection you can also eat plain yogurt at leasttwice a day

tea tree oil tea tree oil is an herbalremedy to treat bacterial vaginosis at home makes a few drops of tea treeoil in the lukewarm water and rinse your vagina with this solution t3 oil is natural antibacterial that isvery effective in reducing bacterial infection in the vagina garlic garlic is one of the best home remediesfor bacterial infection in women you can eat raw garlic cloves

or place a garlic clove in your vaginaand remove it after a few hours garlic is an actual antibiotic and workswell to cure bacterial vaginosis coconut oil coconut oil has natural antiviral and a bacterial and antifungalproperties that can kill the germs that cause bacterial vaginosis and prevent it from recurring teabag socan teabag in water and then place it in therefrigerator for a few minutes

then place it in your vagina for about10 minutes tea bag is a soothing relief to theitchiness cost due to bacterial infection nope interment next for teaspoon ofturmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm milk engine did every day till the symptomssubside completely Marga Sol leaves martha is an effective national cure forbacterial infection

crash a handful of my guess Elise insome water to form a paste apply this paste on your vagina andleave it for some time %uh repeat this remedy at least twice aday in order to get relief allegedly make alleged 30 by boiling itin some water now soak a clean cloth in gently rub itinto your vagina it will give you relief from theinformation cost due to bacterial infection black walnut you can apply black walnuttincture to cure bacterial vaginosis


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