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Does Green Nasal Discharge Mean Bacterial Infection

Is it Bad if Snot is Yellow

Is it bad if snot is yellowé Snot is usually white. It is only going tochange colors if something else has changed. I'm wondering what might be wrong. Assuming you did not accidentally inhale popcornbutter powder and turn your lungs yellow, you've got an infection. I thought that was if the snot was green. It'll be yellow before it is green. Thecolor shift is the start of an infection. I'm sick of this.

You're sick with something. The color ofsnot doesn't change unless there is a bacterial infection. As long as this does not go viral. You could have a cold virus or allergies,but the snot is warm wet environment in which bacteria can thrive, and then it changes colors. Talk about a pain in the butt. How do I getrid of ité A pain in the forehead or nasal passages impliesa sinus infection. A pain in the mouth could mean you have a dental carry, but that'srare to affect the nose.

How do I treat a sinus infectioné Getting rid of the snot can get rid of theinfection. Whether you use antihistamines to stop the mucus production or antibioticsto kill the bacteria is your choice. Or I could use a neti pot. Those things hardly get sterilized, afterpeople put their snot filled noses on it. You could get someone else's germs or reinfectwith your own, and then there are the amoeba I've never heard of amoeba.

Using untreated water, AKA natural springwater, has caused some people to get amoeba inhaled from the steam into their brains,killing them. That's like the guy getting out of ebolaquarantine saying quot;oh, thank god it is just malariaquot;. I won't know which is worse. Use one of those disposable spray bottleswith saline water instead of a neti pot, with or without additional medication.

Is it Good to Blow Your Nose When Sick

Is it good to blow your nose when sické It's certainly better to blow it out thaneating it. I heard that you shouldn't blow your nosewhen sick, since this could spread the germs. It is better to blow the snot into tissueand throw out the tissue than sneeze into the open air which everyone else breathes.But wash your hands after, so you don't spread germs to everything you touch. That's why s ask everyone with a coughto wear a facemask. Blowing your nose can be better than swallowingthe snot, since a load of it in your stomach

can make you ill. I'm already ill. You could throw up the snot, adding to themisery. Someone told me that blowing my nose couldmake the congestion worse. Blowing your nose every few minutes inflamesthe nasal passages. Then it starts to close up. And then you can't breathe as well. If you don't have a lot of snot, the congestednose is probably caused by inflammation in

the nasal passages by the virus. In that case,blowing your nose doesn't help. But I do end up getting yellow and green gunkout. Are you studying the contents of the tissueéThat's gross. I only see it as I'm throwing it away. If there's not snot to expel, then blowingyour nose irritates the airways. That makes it prone to bacterial infections. So blowing my nose too much causes the greensnot. That's horrible. It gets worse. Taking in a lungful of airwhile trying to get enough force to propel

out snot that isn't there can get infectedmucus in your sinuses. I thought the snot was already everywhere. You go from an upper respiratory infectionto a sinus infection. What's the dividing line between good andbad blowingé If you aren't emptying out a load of snotwith each blow, give your nose a rest. Literally.

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