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Eye Discharge Viral Or Bacterial

Natural Pink Eye Remedies

I need some natural pink eye remedies. Myeyes are killing me! Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is classifiedinto viral, bacterial, neonatal, and chemical conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of themembrane that covers the eyeball. That much I knew already, what I need is somethingthat will give me results. It is usually caused by bacteria, an allergy,or a virus. Its most common symptoms are redness, swelling, watering, irritation, colorlessmucus discharge, and puffiness of the eyelid. All of which I am experiencing now! It is also very contagious and can be easilytransmitted through shared things and direct

contact. Nonetheless, it can still be treatedwith natural pink eye remedies. Finally, let me know what they are. Since you are suffering from this annoyinginfirmity, try having an eye bath to relieve your pain. You can use boric acid eyewash.It is highly recommended because it is known to clean and soothe the affected eye. What other options do I haveé A warm or cool compress is another wellknownremedy that you can try. It can instantly soothe your eye irritation.

That sounds really nice. You can also use tea bags. They can help clearinfection, so you have to place them on your irritated eye. What type of teaé Basically, you can use any tea bag that containsbioflavonoids. However, it is better if you use chamomile or mild ginger tea bags. Theyare great antiinflammatory agents, and they can reduce the puffiness of your eye. Is there anything else that can helpé

Colloidal silver, honey, and castor oil arealso great pink eye remedies. You can use them as eye drops to fight bacteria and reduceeye pain. What about eye pusé If your eye secretes pus, apply a small amountof lemon juice to your tear duct and eyelid. You may also apply an eye drop that containsthe essence of jasmine flowers. Essential oils, here I come! You can apply a cotton ball soaked in warmsaltwater. It will efficiently kill bacteria because salt contains natural antibacterialproperties. This is actually one of the most

used pink eye remedies. Salt is super cheap too. Another natural antiseptic is the calendula.You can use it as eyewash or a compress to soothe your inflamed and itchy eye. It alsohelps kill the bacteria that cause pink eye. So, it can improve your eye's conditionin just a few days. That sounds good, I want something that willwork fast. You may use homeopathic pink eye remedies,as well. For instance, you can use belladonna; or you can add eyebright tincture to the waterand use it as an eye drop or eyewash.

Sounds like you covered them all. There are a lot of very effective treatmentsfor pink eye, and these recommendations are only a few. Nevertheless, it is always importantto consult a physician before using any home remedy.

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