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Yo, Haunted Ones! Mateus here from the Assombrado .br blog, And today, I'll talk about the worldwide craze The Charlie Charlie Challenge! Bring on the opening, Ana! Ana is holding the camera, because I'm going to talk about the worldwide fever it's been two days since internet 'broke', mainly in other countries, with the Charlie Charlie challenge, which is a very simple ouija board, (let me mute it here)

where you'll be asking questions to a supposed Mexican spirit called 'Charlie'. It' starts being odd there Charlie, a Mexicané It should be José.like that. ANA: Juarez! Juarez!.It's Charlie. How does it worké Focus here, my love. It's very simple: you will need paper And two pens or pencils it's important to be hexagonal that means, those which aren't round, so they can be still.

Here's what you do on the sheet You draw a cross, And write it here: Yes, No. No, Yes. It's done, paper's ready. Then you place one like this, and the other one above that's why hexagonal ones are better, so it can stay still. Then you find the balance point. It's the hardest part. See, now it's really.You seeé If it needs to move.

Wait, let's stop it right here. Now look at me. Now with the scena.the huh.what was it called againé the THING done here, We'e going to ask questions, like. Charlie Charlie, are you thereé You keep on asking questions and he answers Yes or No. So I'm going to ask the question, here. Let's see if. If this here moves, I'll beat your ass, eh!

On the web there are MANY, lots of tutorials. Reaction from people who did it and it worked they get hysterical, man. You recording, loveé ANA: Yup. Charlie Charlie, are you thereé ANA: If that thing spins, I'll toss the camera! MATEUS: Again. ANA: Hold on.

Maybe English does it. ANA: It has to be Spanish, 'cause he's Mexican. Now for reals, eh! Charlie Charlie, are you thereé Charlie Charlie, are you thereé Hey Ana, it looks like it's moved a bit. Maybe a tiny bit, but it did. Last chance, eh!

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