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Herpes And Bv Symptoms

WARNING Pictures Photos Genital Herpes Symptoms

WARNING Pictures Photos Genital Herpes Symptoms.

What is neonatal herpes

A pregnant womanthat's infected with herpes and who delivers a baby withopen sores can give their baby Neonatal Herpes, Neonatal Herpes. And I've got a picture of ababy here, and we're going to go through the three differenttypes of Neonatal Herpes a newborn baby can have. The first type of NeonatalHerpes that a baby can have is referred to as SEM Herpes,

SEM Herpes. And the name actually helps usremember what gets affected. The S refers to the factthat the baby's skin can have these herpes lesions orsores, and these mainly occur wherever the baby hasskin tears, so skin tears. So for example, if the babywas delivered with forceps, there may be tears on the baby's scalp where the forcep was applied.

And these places can get incontact with the herpes lesions that a mother may have,and they can cause the baby to have sores there like I've drawn here. Other than the skin, thebaby can also have herpes in the eyes, and we've already talked a little bit about this. Herpes in the eyes affectsthe most central part of the eye called thecornea, and so you'll see

sort of a latticelikeor a, what's termed, dendritic lesion on the centeror the cornea of the eye. And if it's left untreated, this can actually lead to blindness. So that's the E in SEM Herpes. The M refers to the mouth, and these will be your classiccoldsores, so your coldsores that can occur on the lips,on the inside of your cheeks

or even on the tip of the tongue. Now what I've hope you've noticed through these three differentsystems that get affected is that none of theminvolve the internal organs, so there's no internal organ involvement, which makes this the leastsevere type of the three we're going to discuss. The next severe level ofNeonatal Herpes a baby can have

is what's referred toas Disseminated Herpes, which as the name suggestsis disseminated more throughout the body, which now means that internal organs are involved. And the organ that's mostcommonly infected or affected is the liver, so I'mdrawing the liver over here, and I am purposely drawing it to be huge because the baby will havethe herpes virus spread here

What is herpes

A cold sore onyour lips or on your genitals is referred to herpes, Ithink you might've heard that term before, andit's caused by a virus referred to as the herpes simplex virus. The herpes simplex virus orHSV comes in two flavors. There's HSV1, and there's HSV2. It used to be believed thatHSV1 mainly caused oral lesions, so I'll write up here oral,and HSV2 mainly caused

genital sores or genital lesions. But more recently, it's beennoted that HSV2 can cause oral sores, and HSV1 cancause genital sores as well. And in fact, this typeof infection is so common that 90% of Americans areexposed to this by 50 years old. So they're exposed in a variety of ways, which makes herpes simplex virus a sexually transmitteddisease, so if we talk

about the modes oftransmission or how it spreads from one infected personto an uninfected person, that can include sex,which can be oral sex, vaginal sex, or even anal sex. Childbirth is an importantmode of transmission as well. If an infected mother has any active sores while she's giving birth,her baby can get exposed to the herpes virus.

Or even outside of childbirth,any contact with open sores can cause transmission of the virus. Or if you were to come intocontact with the bodily fluid that's infected with HSV in another way, so if you were to share bodily fluids, like a healthcare workerthat gets stabbed by a needle that was used to draw bloodfrom a patient that has HSV, that counts as a modeof transmission as well.

And we'll talk moreabout that in a second. Generally, from the firstpoint of infection right here, so I'll write infection, and we'll make this type of timeline right here. It takes about four to seven days before the first sores appear. And once they're there,it takes about 10 days for them to heal up and go away.

There are six main symptomsthat I'll mention here, and we'll start off here, where you might recognizethis is somebody's lips right here, and they've developeda cold sore right there. The technical term for this,because it's caused by herpes, we call it herpes labialis. So for shorthand, I'lldenote this triangle to represent the HSV virus.

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