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How Do You Know When U Have A Bacterial Infection

How Do I Know If I Have A Yeast Infection Or A Bacterial Infection

Here's a good question, an intelligent question.I like intelligent questions because they require me to really think about giving quitea reasonably good reply. This question comes from a lady in Australia. How do I know ifI have a yeast infection or a bacterial infectioné What is the differenceé How can I tell howéHow can the tellé It's a tough one. It really catches peopleout and, in fact, it's something I struggled with, too. To be quite honest, I don't carewhat kind of infection you've got. All I care about is trying to find out what caused theproblem and how I can fix it, how I can remedy the problem.

The two key things that you look at with peoplewhen they come to you presenting with problems are the signs and symptoms. I may have spokento you about this before. Symptoms are very important to me. Symptoms are subjective;these are what the patients tell you. You can't measure them. You can't quantify them.You can't see them. You can only go by what the person is telling you, what they're experiencing,what they're feeling; whereas, signs are something we can see with our eyes. We can test. We can see cuts. We can see wounds,for example. We can see hair loss. We can see skin rashes. These are signs. Also testscan pick up things, but sometimes these things

don't match; the signs and symptoms don'tmatch. And with infections, it's very difficult to try to piece the signs and symptoms togetherbecause both of them can create a similar outcome. Bacterial infections can create feversin the body or temperatures that can create tiredness; all sorts of problems can occur,so there's no clearcut way really of finding out. Some people will argue with me that thereis, but in the end, it's not really important. The important thing is basically to find outwhat got the person in this mess, help them overcome it, and prevent them from gettinginto this mess again.

So a couple of telltale signs that will determinethe Candida infection will be the sugar craving. The craving for sugar is the blood sugar drops,particularly around meal times, they'll have some food, they'll go down really quick, they'lldevelop gut problems quickly, many of them after meals. These are things. So look atthe symptoms that are characteristic of Candida infection, which can point you in the directionof that person having Candida, the itching, the bloating, gas, craving for sugar, thevaginal infection, the jock itch, the toenail fungus, itchy anywhere on the body. It's lesslikely that the person's going to have itching in and around their body if it's a bacterialinfection, but it is possible.

But in the end what you're going to find isthat most people with a Candida infection will have a bacterial infection anyway, especiallyin their digestive system. There will be parasites and bacteria and yeast infection there. Allof that needs treatment. Then it becomes less important to worry about what the person'sgot. After doing many, many thousands of stooltests, I can tell you that nearly every patient I see with a Candida infection, we can cultureit and we can see it through a microscopy that that person will also have various kindof dysbiosis or SIBO, small intestinal bowel overgrowth. They'll have bacteria there. Probablyin about 15 or 20 percent of cases, there

will be parasites like Blastocystis, Dientamoebafragilis; they'll be present there as well as the bad bacteria. And the other thing that you probably haven'teven thought about is what about the good bacteriaé Because people with bacterial infectionsmay have not a bacterial infection, they may just have a lack of beneficial bacteria. Andin that case, the bacteria that are generally okay like ecoli may become pathogenic orturn into criminals or quot;militantsquot; as we call them today. Guys with their guns running aroundshooting. We may get that scenario as well. As you can see, there's a lot more at stakehere than just determining whether they've

7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics Saturday Strategy

Hey friend, Dew Canole here! And I wantedto shoot this tutorial because this is something I am passionate about if you ever noticed.We've been talking about your gut health for a while now. Have you taken an antibioticin the past yearé Nine people out of ten probably have taken an antibiotic. Maybe you've takenone five years ago but did you know that just by taking an antibiotic you destroy all thatgood and bad bacteriaé Now the good bacteria dictates how well your immune system functions,how clear and how glowing your skin looks, sometimes how well your brain function isworking righté When you are in an embryo as a baby you are growing in that very fetalstage, your brain and your stomach are the

first two things to develop together. Youhave more nerves in your gut than you actually do on your spinal column which is pretty interesting.You have three pounds of bacteria in your gut and all those cells are more than humancells than you are actually have in your body so it makes sense that you and I should takebetter care of our guts righté So what are the seven things that you need to be awareof that probably means that you should take a probioticé Number one like I mentioned before,having antibiotics in the past years, five years and not reculturing, not re terraformingyour gut. Birth control does the same thing so those antiinflammatory agents that youtake over the counter. Pain medication righté

Destroys the gut as well. Food poisoning ifyou've have that, what that does is that it actually shift in the equilibrium if youhave more bad bacteria than good that's why you have food poisoning. There's a goodchance that you wanna repopulate your good bacteria. If you have digestive disturbances,there's a chance that you probably wanna look into taking a probiotic as well. Anyskin conditions that leave your skin looking less than you wanted to. If you look in themirror and hundred percent not ecstatic with what's looking back at you, there's agood chance that once you start to fix the inside, the outside is going to reflect thattype of harmony. If you are the type of person

that wakes up in the morning you're justdepressed for no reason maybe something that's impacting your mood, there's a chance thata probiotic can help bounce that serotonin level. Ninety five percent of the serotoninis actually made in your gut. Serotonin's that happy molecule in the brain. So onceyou start fixing the gut you're going to notice your mood will start to enhance. Youwill start to see the world in HD, everything will start to come to life and you will startto greet people with that optimistic person hiding on the inside right now. If you'rethe type of person that gets sick two to three times a year and you're wondering why there'sa good chance that, that over populated bad

bacteria holding you back and you probablyshould consider taking a really high quality probiotic. If you're dealing with any typeof yeast infection or yeast overgrowth on the inside, rebalancing that good gut bacteriawill definitely help you. So those are seven signs that you probably need to consider takinga probiotic. Now obviously consult with your first, I'm not a but theseare seven things you can look at. Now I'm going to take a probiotic rich green juicerecipe right here right now that you're absolutely gonna love. The taste of the applecider vinegar with the ginger and lime, it's just so smooth. Great for the summer, greatfor even on the winter with the ginger to

warm your body up and start to cleanse youfrom inside out and replace some of those probiotics and prebiotics in your gut! Sohere are the ingredients, we have one cucumber, we have two pieces of celery. We have a handfulof cilantro, one lime, two knuckles of ginger and about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.This is the gut health fixing juice recipe you're absolutely gonna love it. Alrightso at that time who won the juiceré Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer, scrolldown to the bottom of this blog post. Leave a comment below about how your life is changedby implementing some of the strategies and tips that we've talked about on FitLifeTV. This week's juicer winner is Rachel

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