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How To Calculate Bvps

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Bailout 3 Book value vs market value

So let's see wherewe left off. We were studying the balancesheet of this Bank A, I think that's what I called it. And we said, OK on the assetsside, had some government bonds, had some AAAcorporate bonds, some commercial mortgages. And then this is the thingthat I really wanted to

highlight, that it also had$4 billion of residential collateralized debtobligations. And I explained little bitabout what those are. And I have several tutorialswhere I explain that in more detail. And how they probably led, ormost definitely led, to the housing bubble. And then we have a little bitof cash on top of that.

On the liability side,the bank just owes a lot of money to people. If this were a commercial bank,kind of your Bank of Americas, or your Chases ofthe world, then one of the liabilities here would have alsobeen the deposits of the people who keep theirmoney at the bank. But we're not goingto assume that. This could be justkind of any bank.

Actually, this could be any typeof financial institution. Frankly, it doesn'thave to be a bank. This could be the balance sheetof a hedge fund, or a private equity firm, or prettymuch any type of financial institution. But anyway, back to wherewe were in the example. We said, and we learned it inthe first tutorial, and we learned it in the balance sheettutorial, that if you take

your assets and you subtractout your liability so you take what you have, you subtractout what you owe, you're left with whatyou're really worth. And that's called your equity. And if you're a publicly tradedcompany, actually you don't have to be publiclytraded, but if you're a corporation, that's called yourshareholders' equity. And what does that meané

Well that means the people whoown a stake in the company, or the shareholders, theyshare this piece. And just to hit the point home,and I think this is an important one because Ifeel like people kind of talk past this. There's two notions, there'syour book value of equity, and that's the value of the equitythat comes out of your balance sheet.

How to Find Calculate DMA of Stocks

DMA =Daily Moving Average To Calculate 200 DMA By Yourself First Download Historical Price Data from BSE Site Column E has Close Price Data To getting SUM of last 200 Day Close Price Type formula =SUM(E2:E201) in F201 of Excel Sheet Please Use Formula =SUM(E2:E201) instead of =SUM(E1:E201) Becuase E1 is header and E1 has no data To getting Average of last 200 Day Close price divide this formula by 200 So final formula is =SUM(E2:E201)200 Drag Down this formula in all row Excel will automatic change your formula in all row and in every row you get historical 200 DMA for each day

Download example excel from link given in description of this tutorial Please do not forget to share your comment and like this tutorial.

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