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ENG SUB 160525 Park Kyung Comeback V app with Block B

Hello V LIVE Show viewers!This is Kyung Park of Block B Finally my second solo single quot;Inferiority Complexquot; is readyand it will be revealed after 1 hour I'm so nervous and I hope you'll support me So I'm here to talk about quot;Inferiority Complexquot;before official release And let's go to stream the song at 12:00 AM So I prepared this special V LIVE show for quot;Inferiority Complexquot; And I'm at Gangnam Tourist Information Center'sHallyu Hall right now So how's itéThey made a banner for me too

And I'm revealing this jacket image for the first time as well Here's my character and a bad guy's character, wolf.I feel inferiority complex in front of this wolf It's a cartoon type of jacket image So let's go through comments.I would like to check out viewer numbers too For how long have I been doing this showé3 minutesé Okay. It's been about 2 minutes and over 18,000 people are watching this show right now Thank you so much And let's take a look at comments

quot;Kyung Park, you're so handsomequot;I see. quot;I look forward to check your new songquot; quot;I love Kyung Parkquot; Wow, there's a Turkish fan too And I won't be doing this show alone. There's a special guest.By the way, what's written in titleé Okay. Block B members will be here.So please stay tuned for more interesting stories So I'll be talking about quot;Inferiority Complexquot; now Can you feel something special from the titleé Actually it doesn't really suits with my characteristicbecause I've never felt something like this in my life

So I made this song based on my imagination It's about a couple and lots of handsome guys arearound them quot;I know he's taller than me with bigger shoulderbut I feel uncomfortable if you're keep looking at himquot; quot;I know he's handsome but you have to look at mequot;Yeah. Something like this It contains sweet jealous stories of a couple And one of hot trendy Girl Group featured this song GFRIEND's Eunha featured quot;Inferiority Complexquot; I did the producing and artist Score and Megatone composed it with me

Yeah I think the weather is too hot to be called as summer And I think quot;Inferiority complexquot; suits with this weather Because it's a song with speedy tempo and it really suits with hot weather like this Between, can you tell me some songsthat reminds you of springé Let me go through comments So please tell me any songs Wow, there are lots of overseas fans.I see German and Algerian

I didn't ask them to say but lots of themmentioned quot;Ordinary Lovequot; I think the same too.I think quot;Ordinary Lovequot; reminds me of spring quot;Walkin' In The Rainquot; too.Luckily everyone's commenting my songs quot;Walkin' In The Rainquot; is a nice song too.quot;Walkin' In The Rainquot; and quot;Ordinary Lovequot; quot;Spring Is Gone By Chancequot; is a nice song too Loco and GFRIEND's Yuju sang this song And there's Roy Kim's quot;Bom Bom Bomquot; too 10cm's quot;What The Springééquot; is there too.This sone's amazing as well

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