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How To Measure Bvd

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Von Graefe Test Sub ENG Phoria part 2

Hi to everybody and welcome to OptoTubeChannel, the first Italian YouTubeChannel dedicated to Optometry Today let's talk about Von Graefe test which is an evaluation phoria test both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is performed on the phoropter even if there's a trial frame version. So we start the test introducing by the upper ferrule, a 6 base up diopters prism on the right eye. This prism will break binocular vision so from a single target which often is a vertical letters line, there will be two lines which are perfectly vertical aligneated each other. So let's chech this to avoid eventual suppression asking to the patient how many vertical letter lines heche sees. if the patient says quot;twoquot; we can start So let's use Risley rotating prism, already onset in the phoropter and let's distribute about 12 15

base in diopters, that on each side are 6 or 7. So in this way what happendé The two vertical lines go to the opposite side of the patient's visual field. So also in this case ask to the patient what heshe is seeing and if heshe sees them separately. If the answer is positive, let's reduce prism for each side until the patient say quot;alignedquot;. Not single! because single cannot be seen cause the 6 base up diopters prism which we used from the start. The only explanation if the patient see single is that heshe is suppressing so sometimes let's evaluate hisher perception if heshe is suppressing or not, so let's ask quot;how many vertical lines do you seeéquot; or if heshe can notices other particulars. Prism quantity remained on the two Risley, give us phoria value. So if we started from 6 7 base in diopters for each side, and at the end we have

2 base in diopters for each side, 2 + 2 = 4, so we have an exophoria cause we already have base in. With the zero placed vertically, we can evaluate horizontal phoria, conversely if we place it horizontally we can evaluate vertical phoria. Not always is possible to insert from the upper ferrule, the 6 base up diopters prism for example during the evaluation of the phoria of the dissociate and fused crossed cylinder ( 15A OEP ) isn't possible to use that prism so we have to evaluate phoria in a different way, so what to doé Put a 6 base up diopters prism fron the right side of Risley prism and on the other side ( left ) let's distribute 12 15 base in diopters. Then the same procedure, if the patient see two vertical lines placed on the to extremes of the visual field, let's reduce base in prism on the left side and in this case prism quantity

which remains in the left Risley will give us phoria, without successive sommation as in the previous case Then Von Graefe test is performable from near and from far. And from near we have less problems than with cover test cause phoropter has a rod that supports the near target, so we don't have that problem about somatosensitive interference. So this is all about von graefe test, let's see at the next optotutorial! If you liked leave a like and subscribe channel!!! OPTOSTYLE!!!.

Dryer Belt Replacement

Alright, today on Repairs101 I thought Iídlike to try and tackle a request that I got from a viewer a while back. She wanted toknow about replacing the drive belt in her clothes dryer. So, Iíve recently bought anew one and, um, weíll take a look at my old one before I take it to the recyclingcentre. Be sure and turn off the power and then pull out the plug.So I wonít be doing this demonstration on my new machine because itís still under warranty.But I have purposefully held onto the old machine that was here in the house when Imoved in ñ with the express purpose of using it as a demonstrator for this tutorial. Now ifI was going to demonstrate on this machine

Iíd show you that the first thing that youneed to do is clean your linttrap before you have guests over. OK if I was going todo a demonstration on this machine the first thing Iíd show you is that you want to removeyour lint trap and youíll see ñ letís bring you in ñ and youíll see thereís these twoscrews here that youíre going to remove to separate the lid, here, from the lint traptunnel. OK, you can see the linttrap tunnel right there and you just need to remove thesetwo screws so that the lid will pop off and this is the most common style, you just needto work a screwdriver in under the ledge here. Sometimes thereís a notch ñ you just wantto get down on your hands and knees and have

a look. There might be a notch in here somewhereor you can just dig in and undo a release. Pop it off. And Iíll show you how itís doneon the older machine ñ itís very similar but a little different.This oneís got the lint basket out front so thatís not a problem you donít haveto worry about that. But you will find that there are screws here and here holding thelid down in place of those other two that were connected to the lint trap tunnel.The drum is supported on this piece that is the front ñ the face of it. So we just needto undo a screw right here and a screw right here and if youíre worried about the wiresyou can just pull them back out of your way

like that. You can see, of course, the dustthatís collected inside the machine over the years and you can imagine someone withlong hair. Itís going to suck air off the floor and blow it out through the exhaustso itís a type of ñ itís like a vacuum as well. Itís like a vacuum cleaner. So itíssucking up whatever debris it can off of the floor and you can see in this case itís alot of dust. So if you have long hair and or a lot of pets: youíre going to be doingthis job a lot more often. You can see itís just ready to come off all by itself. OK nowwith those two screws out youíre ready to pull the front end forward. OK now you candisconnect these wires if you want to.

OK weíve got the belt here. Whether youírefishing it off or fishing it on you know youíve just got to get around that little rollerthere and again a little roller on this side and out it comes. Put it right back on againbecause thereís nothing wrong with this one and, also, as I mentioned this unitís goingto the recycling centre right after Iím filming this tutorial. So Iím just going to lay it ontop, reach underneath here and pass it past that roller and Iím going to pass this sideover here past that roller again and Iím going to work it towards the back. I can seehere thereís a stripe where it used to run so thatís what Iím going to want it to runon. Now all I have to do is go underneath

and hook it over the drive motor and the tensionerand, um, slap a few things back together and Iím done.So thereís the back of the old dryer. Go on down to the bottom of it and get ourselvesin here after I clean it up a little bit. Yeoush.So the first thing we discover is what a horrible mess it is inside. Anyway so Iím just goingto clean this up real quick with my shopvac. Keep in mind the powerís off and unplugged. Now we can see what weíre doing.OK so straight up you can see that this is the tensioning device right here. Iíve seensome that are spring loaded. This one is a

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