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How To Prevent Bv From Recurring

Why Does My Vaginal Yeast Infection Keep Recurring

Good day, there. Eric Bakker again from CandidaCrusher with another frequently asked question. This is FAQ Number 28. Eric, my vaginal yeast infection keeps recurring.What is wrongé Why can't I nail this conditioné In my experience, many women get a recurringinfection. If you keep getting a recurring infection, you need to ask yourself, what'sgoing oné What haven't I done that I should be doingé Have I addressed the cause or amI just treating a local symptomé Most all cases can be fully resolved. It'svery important to treat this problem when it's local and it's acute rather than lettingit get out of hand and wait until it's severe

and chronic. The more you let something go,the harder and longer it is to get on top of it. It's important to get checked out by your to make sure you haven't got diabetes or any underlying problem. So, it's importantfor you to have a pelvic exam and a smear test to determine if there are no other issuesaffecting the vaginal region or the pelvic region. But if you have been diagnosed by your gynecologistor as having a yeast infection and you can't get on top of it, I'd like you toread Chapter 5 of my book, Candida Crusher.

This particular information has helped thousandsof women recover from chronic vaginal infections that they couldn't get on top of for years.In some cases, it can take as long as nine months or even a year to recover. But I havenever found a case yet that can't fully recover with the right treatment. So that's what I think you should do if youhave a recurring problem. Get yourself checked out and if it has proven to be a chronic yeastinfection, have a good think about my book, and particularly Chapter 5. Thank you.

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