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I Have Bv And Im Pregnant

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Vinegar

My vaginal discharge smells like vinegar. Discharge is normally a little acidic andsmells a little like vinegar. We'll just say the smell is bad enough tobe more than normal. Fortunately, the cause of that isn't asfishy as it sounds, I mean smells. It is a little fishy, yes, but I'm not usedto it smelling like this. If you were used to yeast infections, youeither have a depressed immune system or diabetes. I know out of control diabetes means highblood sugar. I didn't think it could cause too much yeast in my own body.

It could also be because you're pregnant.The immune system decreases in some regards while pregnant to not harm the baby, raisingthe odds of a yeast infection. I don't think I'm pregnant. If the vaginal discharge smells bad and lookslike curds, you have a yeast infection. It is also more likely if the itching is bad,skin is red and it hurts when you pee or have sex. If I had that many symptoms, I wouldn'tbe having sex. You could also have bacterial vaginosis.

Just what I need, a social disease. You could have thick discharge that smellsmore than usual due to bacterial overgrowth of the bacteria normally there and it isn'tclassified as a social disease. So how could I treat ité Don't douche like you might do, since thosecleansings actually worsen the normal bacterial balance. And you need yogurt That sounds like a fancy new age treatment,up there with herbs and lotions in my underwear. You eat the yogurt to help restore your body'sbacterial balance. There are some people who

do put yogurt up there, but it isn't recommended,though tea tree oil is. Drinking herbal teas is supposed to treateverything. What else can I doé Make sure you wipe front to back when youpoop so there isn't any bacteria making it from back to front. Any other ideas of what could be causing thisé It could be something sexually transmitted,especially if the cervical mucus is yellow or green or streaked with blood. I suppose the blood would be from lesionsor sores.

Yes, and you'll want to see a forany social disease. And it can be mistaken for a yeast infection, since the itching,burning and so forth are similar unless someone actually looks at it. Which is pretty much impossible for me unlessI reach the next level in yoga. You can try over the counter yeast infectiontreatments and diet changes, but if you have more than four in a year or it resists treatment,you need to see a .

Disney Frozen DREAM Pregnant Anna Barbie Nightmare Kristoff Frozen Barbie Family Baby DisneyCarToys

(snoring)Whaté 50 poundsé How could I gain 50 poundsé Kristoff don't look at me, I'm disgusting.Oh honey, you're glowing, you've never looked better!Here, let me give you a kiss. (grunting) I can't reach you past the baby. I'll have tokiss you just after you have the baby. (crying)Kids, who wants cupcakes for breakfasté That's at least what I'm having. Are you going toeat thaté (eating)Mommy, that's my food! My back hurts so much, I can't even sleep.Hey Honey, the baby's kicking again. Come

feel it!Oh wow, such strong kicks. I hope it's a boy! (knocking)Hey sis, I got all of the baby clothes out of storage for you. It was sure fun to lookthrough all of Kristoff Jr.'s baby clothes, and Krista's baby clothes.Holy wow, Anna! You have gotten huge, way bigger than you were for the other two babies.Hey, stop talking. You've never had a baby before. You don't know how it is.Let's just look at the clothes. Anna, do you remember thisé I gave this to you when babyKrista was born. I can't believe you're waiting to find out what the baby's gender is.Well, Kristoff and I just want to be surprised.

We already have a boy and a girl.Oh, look at this. This is from Kristoff Jr. So long ago!Aaah! My water just broke! I'm having the baby!Are you sureé Uh yeah, oh course!Okay, come here. Let's have you lie down. Aaaaaaaah!Oh, honey, it's just a contraction. No more kids. This is the last one!Anna, you're doing great. The baby's almost here.Oh, I think I'm going to faint. (crying)So, what is ité Is it a boy or girlé What

is itéUh, I don't know. (crying continues)What do you mean you don't knowé I'm not going to tell her. You tell her.Uh, I don't want to tell her. Well, I'm not doing it.Honey, before you get mad, I'm going to tell you the baby's really healthy.and it's atroll! Whaté A troll! Whaté I knew this would happen!It's all your mom's fault. Your TROLL mom! Hey, don't bring my troll family into this.I think it's adorable. A trollé(whimpering)

Mama.Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. It was just a dream. That awful troll dream again. I'vegot to stop eating pizza before bed!.

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