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If I Have Bv Does My Partner

Do You Know What Your Vagina Looks Like

My name is Mallory. I am Dana. I'm Michelle. I am Rosa. I am Ashley. My name is Jamie and I am. What are we doing here todayé I'm going to have a reallyintense look at my vagina.

I am going to show youwhat my vagina looks like. With my words. Oh and someone else is going to draw it. And get a little portrait of it. I'm going to pick out my vagina from like a lineup of different vaginas and pick which one's mine. It feels embarrassing and weird.

I kind of had to psychmyself out for this because it's like okay it's awkward but like there's noshame in having a vagina. I'm feeling curious. This is fun. I'm excited to see the results. I'm Caroline, I'm a professional portrait artist.

I've been drawing for eight years now and I've never drawn vagina portraits but I'm confident I can do it. Hi there. Hi. Nice to meet you. Have you ever had yourportrait drawn beforeé Not of my pussy.

You will be describingwhat you're seeing and I will be drawingexactly what you tell me. Okay and I use thismirror here and stuff. All right. Ooh, yip been a while. It's like weird. Yeah and it's just, it's there. Describe the lips.

Small. They're very even. Darker than any skin on my body. Maybe like two string cheese. Okay that's good. Is that good like that. That's perfect. I'm going to go ahead andget a rough sketch going.

Dog Girlfriend vs Cat Girlfriend

You're up! Oh my god. I'm just so glad you'reawake. I feel like I've been waiting forever for you to wake up. But now you're up! Andwe can hang out. What do you want to do todayé Do you want to go for a walké We could gofor a walk. Ooh! Or we could go for a car ride. Yeah, I want to go for a car ride. I'llgo get your keys! Hey! Hey, wake up! Wake up. Hey, Eric, make me breakfast. I'm hungry.You smell good today. What is ité New cologneé Shampooé Body washé Yeah. Oh! Can you startpacking up those glassesé Actually, could you help me I fit. Mike! MIKE! Mike, Mike,Mike, someone's at the door, Mike. Mike, Mike! Mike! Mike. Mike. I think someone's I thinksomeone's at the door, Mike! Mike, can you

get the door, Mikeé Should I get the dooréShould I get the dooré I'm getting it. Are you getting the door, Mikeé Sit down. Areyou getting ité I'm getting it. Hey. What are you up toé I'm working. Pay attentionto me. Well, I'm ready. What do you thinké I like it, oh, you, uh, got a tag stickingout the back. Whereé Right. right in the middle. Whereé I can't. I can't. I can'tget it. Oh man, always, always with her. Have you been here the whole timeé Oh my god, it'snice to finally meet you. You wanna hang out or somethingé Do you wanna play a gameé Youdon't want to play a gameé.

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