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Fred Friends Wake Up Mug Tutorial

Hi, I'm Benjy with Pinnacle Promotions and this guy is the Fred Friends Wake Up Mug. Now, I don't know about you but until I've had my coffee in the morning I kind of look like this too. Very droopy, very sluggish. But this 11 oz porcelain mug feels the same way about coffee as I do. All you do is you fill this mug up

with a hot beverage and the eyes turn from sleepy. to wide awake! due to the heat sensitive inks on the mug. Your 2 by 2 logo can be imprinted on the other side of the mug and these would be a really great giveaway for cafes or coffee shops or even for corporate breakroom to show that awesome sense humor that your company's got.These are the Fred Friends Wake Up Mugs and you can find them at PinnaclePromotions


GovHack 2016 Opening Tutorial

Tonight, we are thrilled to welcome you toGovHack 2016. For the next 46 hours, we are looking forwardto sharing amazing times with all of you amazing people who will make amazing things with opengovernment data. Now in its 6th year, GovHack has grown froma small data mashup event in 2009 to a huge international competition that brings over1800 people together to innovate and apply their creative skills to open government data. Over 2000 of our best and brightest are gatheredat an epic 41 GovHack locations to innovate, create, and compete.

We welcome our happy hackers from 14 smallercommunity nodes from across Australia that support storytellers, special interest themes,or regional communities. We welcome back over 500 of our New Zealandfriends at 9 official events. We look forward to seeing which nation willtake out this year's 3 GovHack international prizes. Previous year's entries have included art,jewelry, a digital sign, a board game, historic film pieces, a virtual reality model, a visualizationof data, an informed article, and of course some amazing web apps.

We only limit you to your imagination. All entries require a tutorial submission, somost teams will aim to showcase the concept through a mockup of their idea through theirtutorial entry. Get creative, get some diverse skills in yourteam, and have fun. All team members must be registered in Hackerspace,so sign up tonight. 5pm Saturday local time, a team project pageand your prize category nomination must be completed in Hackerspace. 5pm Sunday local time, you must have all partsof your competition entry finalized which

includes: 1. Your team page. 2. Your data story description. 3. Detail of datasets used. 4. Your project outcomes and evidence of workingsover the weekend such as storyboards, plans,

data crunching, demos, code, graphics, orphotos submitted. 5. Your tutorial link uploaded. Now, what you will want to knowé What prizes are on offeré Across the 2 countries, there's over $300,000in prizes on offer including international prizes categories, Australian major categories,New Zealand major categories, Australian data bounty prizes, statewide and amazing localprizes where you can reuse local data.

This year, we are also pleased to announceover $100,000 in development prizes to support winning teams build their skills further. You can select which prizes you wish to competefor through the Hackerspace where you submit your entry. When you register on the Hackerspace, youwill have access to the international and national competition prizes, as well as yourlocal competition prizes to compete for. All the information you need to compete isavailable at 2016.govhack . This includes Hackerspace and informationabout datasets and mentors.

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